Harper Legacy? Hypocrit Rapist of Human Rights & Willing Accomplice Of U.S. Gangsters & Smugglers?

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Harper Legacy? Hypocrit Rapist of Human Rights & Willing Accomplice Of U.S. Gangsters & Smugglers?

Sounds a little extreme eh?  But if the shoe fits... http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/pm-stephen-harper-violated-law-human-right...

There was once a time when Canada, Sweden, and the Dutch were hailed as the true human rights champions of the world, but that was B.H. - "Before Harper".  No other Canadian leader in history would have allowed;

1. Canadian citizen Maher Arar to be kidnapped and tortured by American agents of terror

2. American whistle blower and author Bruce Gorcyca to be subjected to a fake extradition while his refugee claim for asylum is ignored for 8 years despite having Canadian wife and children

3. Allowing CIA front companies like American Financial Group wo swindle Canadian investors out of $43 million and then ignore their blatant money laundering in Montreal and Toronto. http://americanfinancialgroupfraud.wordpress.com

4. Allow a retired corrupt FBI agent (Terry Nelson) and Canadian Mike Huxtable to smuggle over $1Billion of cocaine into Canada for more than a decade for a paltry $3 million campaign contribution from the Bush family. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/25506-about-jeb-bush-canada-dru...

5. Allow innocent Iraqi children to die rather than give them a visa to get organ transplant surgery in Canada. http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/international-law-news/89557-iraqi-c...

I was originally impressed with Harper in his younger days but now I have to admit it was all just a great facade.  And he got away with all - no accountablity at all.  Justice is conveniently blind when the biggest criminals in Canada use national leaders to run interference for them. Pierre Jeanette and the NSA must have had had some great leverage (dirt) on Harper. Otherwise Stephen would be even bigger scum that he is now. Prosecute the bast*ard!