Harper, Nixon and the Christian Right

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Red Andy
Harper, Nixon and the Christian Right

Have you checked out the 'Stand With Harper' site? If not, you should. It's hilarious! First of all, you have to click on pages within the site to actually leave a comment. Otherwise, the Cons only allow you to "like" or "share". Then, you'll read many, many comments with a religious flavour. It's like the word has gone out to churches around the country to pull out the stops as we approach the election. So, my little contribution is to leave a rant in different places. Here goes:

The religious references are interesting, including the perception of Harper as a wonderful man, great leader - love what he stands for. Sounds like a family member of mine who used to describe Nixon the same way, saying he was a "man of God". I remember, too, how the Sunday pulpit was used to reinforce support for these "men of God" and how they needed our prayers to fight the forces of darkness. You have to pretty much be a non-reading, non-analytical idiot to 'think' this way, but there are lots of such folks in the country and, unfortunately, their votes count as much as those who might actually have a clue. In the same way that we know about Nixon's criminality, foul mouth and absolute paranoia, we should be aware of Harper's personality by now. We know, from accounts of former staff and colleagues, about what an unpleasant man he is to work for; how he flies into scary, foul-mouthed outrage alternating with periods of deep depression; how petty and vindictive he is - with revenge being a big part of his make-up; how mean and even cruel he can be. In fact, all of this reminds me a lot of Nixon. By all means, pray for him because he sure needs it. What he - and we - DON'T need is his re-election! God save us!


Fortunately, thanks to his tapes, we don't have to rely on second hand accounts when it comes to Nixon.