High loonie causing harm says Mulcair

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Has he?  And has he been to Fort McMurray? 

Honestly, I can't say for sure, so I apologize if I am mistaken, but I do not remember him coming here to Saskatoon during the leadership run. 

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Oops - I may have gotten Mulcair's visit to Alberta mixed up with that by Jack Layton. I honestly don't know if Mulcair has been to Fort McMurray or not. Regardless, one doesn't need to visit the tar sands to know they're bad for the climate - and the economy. Wink


Thanks Jeff

Some folks don't think dinasaurs existed either.

JeffWells wrote:

Has everyone seen this, from yesterday's New York Times? Because every Canadian needs to. Especially the ones who believe the NDP are going too hard on the tar sands. (Oops, I mean oi- no; I mean tar sands.)

Game Over for the Climate



Published: May 9, 2012

GLOBAL warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening. That is why I was so troubled to read a recent interview with President Obamain Rolling Stone in which he said that Canada would exploit the oil in its vast tar sands reserves “regardless of what we do.”

If Canada proceeds, and we do nothing, it will be game over for the climate.

Canada’s tar sands, deposits of sand saturated with bitumen, contain twice the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by global oil use in our entire history. If we were to fully exploit this new oil source, and continue to burn our conventional oil, gas and coal supplies, concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere eventually would reach levels higher than in the Pliocene era, more than 2.5 million years ago, when sea level was at least 50 feet higher than it is now. That level of heat-trapping gases would assure that the disintegration of the ice sheets would accelerate out of control. Sea levels would rise and destroy coastal cities. Global temperatures would become intolerable. Twenty to 50 percent of the planet’s species would be driven to extinction. Civilization would be at risk.


James Hansen directs the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and is the author of “Storms of My Grandchildren.”



@ Boom Boom,

I am also not saying that he has no right to speak, and personally, I think his comments on this issue were far more measured than what they have been twisted into. 

But I do recall him not being as available or as engaged as other candidates  during the leadership run, at least insofar as it involved coming here to the prairies.



He might want to do a tour that includes Lloydminster and Fort McMurray.  He should then travel the two proposed pipeline routes to get a feel for the communities that will be affected.

Then he will be able to have an informed view of the issues involved in the tar sands.  He needs to be at least as brave as Peter Lougheed in calling for a dramatic reduction in the pace of development and for higher revenues going into the government coffers.

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I can't find any specific regarding Mulcair's travels in the past year or so other than this:


He (Mulcair) has crossed the country five times during the leadership race, seeking votes of NDP members.

But I totally agree - it'd be great for Mulcair to have an extended visit through all of Alberta and Saskatchewan.




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