How can the NDP hang onto its gains in Quebec if it picks a leader from outside Quebec?

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flight from kamakura wrote:

edit: it sounds sort of alarmist, but for me, the ndp's current position is a dream come true.  we have a chance here to realign canadian politics forever.  no more quebec regionalism, no more liberal party of canada.  we don't always have to be led by a quebecois, but i think we do now

So in your mind the fact that we have to have a Quebec leader now is not Quebec regionalism.  Please explain why you think that it is not regionalism to say that if the NDP don't elect a Quebec leader it will lose. That whole line of thinking leads the NDP right down the path to the Liberals ongoing success in Western Canada since Trudeau. Living in BC I have sent an NDP MP to Ottawa since the 1980's.  According to this new political alignment he and his colleagues are not as important to Canada as MP's from Quebec.  

As I said above if that is the real political reality and Quebec voters will abandon the party if it doesn't elect a leader from Quebec then please lets have better choice than an ex=Liberal and a FN's candidate who according to the same reality we can't elect either because he might point out the obvious fact the people of Quebec have the right of self determination but that right does not supersede the rights of FN's to their own self determination.  

So we get one choice but that is not really Quebec regionalism?  Get real.


And now the name-calling begins.

Bravo! Just the sort of street-talk the MSM media will ferret out.

flight from kamakura

ottawaobserver wrote:

All *which* new 613 seats? We were re-elected in Ottawa Centre. And that was it for eastern Ontario. Period.

meant 416, get them mixed up.

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Malcolm wrote:

New Democrats in the rest of Canada are NOT going to vote for a leadership candidate who cannot demonstrate meaningful support in Quebec.  Period.

This whole thread is a surrender to the corporate media talking points.



Closing for length.


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