The hypocrisy from our politicians

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The hypocrisy from our politicians

These two articles from 2004 and 2005 sum it up. How our politicians made a complete 180.

Tories, NDP imperil national unity by working with Bloc, Dion says

The heading alone is hilarious.. you'd think we're in the twilight zone.


And this was before the Cons and Bloc teamed up:

"Mr. Layton said such a deal would bring together "one party that wants
to split Canada apart and another that wants to take it apart."

Layton went further on to say: 

“Stephen Harper, Peter Mackay and John Reynolds have all made it clear
in recent days that given the chance, they would form a Canadian
government with the support of the Bloc Quebecois," Mr. Layton said.
“Think about what that would mean. A federal government committed to
the Gordon Campbell agenda – reckless tax cuts and deep service cuts —
dependent on support from an explicitly separatist party."

In other words, they've all criticized one another for working with the Bloc. What a bunch of children. 

I still support the current coalition, but I have no dillusions that it would be much better than a Harper government.