I am not watching CBC's election coverage anymore - include Radio

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I am not watching CBC's election coverage anymore - include Radio

Yes, it is time for another rant.


I was listening to Cross Country Checkup with Uber Host Rex "I am so much smarter then you" Murphy.

He, and his bevy of "expert guests", Tories, Libs, and Jancie "I am not really a New Dem but everyone thinks I am", McKinnon trotted out all the MSM commom wisdon talking points. Ignatieff had a good week and is picking up steam, Jack Layton isn't breaking through, all the polls show the Liberals gaining, Jack is sick and its an issue, blah, blah, blah!

I called in to say I thought the issue was the treatment of the election at the hands of the MSM. I offered the screener several examples in how Murphy was handling calls today:

liberal pension reform - Murphy didnt' acknowledge the Liberal proposal was a direct steal from Jack's pre confidence vote proposal to the Tories

veterans issues - the media was ignoring what Jack had said about veteran's pensions

women's issues - Murphy allowed a women to assert no one was paying attention to women being elected without noting how Audrey M had led the NDP and that the NDP campaign after campaign always nominated more women, including to "winnable" NDP ridings

seniori's issues - Murphy allowed some senior to assert that no one had being paying attention to seniors issues when the NDP had already talked about OAS and GIS improvement and reform on an ongoing basis prior to the election call

and the opposition parties forced the election - nevermind that Iggy wanted the election while Jack had tried to avoid it.

So, did I get on? Are you kidding? NOT! I HATE THE CBC! Add radio, I think I'll watch Alvin and the Chipmunks!


So I called in to say that I thought the big issue was the treatment of the campaign by the MSM. I offered


veterans issues

womens issues

ignore layton

seniors issues

oppostiion parties want election - jack tried to work with harper. The only one.

no accidental but deliberate







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Hey acramer, please reprint this rant in the other thread. I'll reopen this thread if the other one fills up, but to keep conversation flowing and focused, I'm closing this superfluous thread.

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