Iggy courts churchgoers, evangelicals

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Lord Palmerston
Iggy courts churchgoers, evangelicals

[url=http://tinyperfectblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/iggy-courts-evangelical-chri... Scarborough MP John McKay has been appointed to lead the outreach to evangelicals[/url]

Ignatieff’s definition of the centre apparently includes Stephen Harper, as the voting record of Liberal MPs on anything important seems to be identical to the Conservatives.

But now Iggy’s going one step further, courting evangelical voters:

Michael Ignatieff wants to make sure church-going Christian voters feel at home in the Liberal Party. He has his work cut out for him, but John McKay is the right man to make the approach in Evangelical circles. McKay is the past moderator of Spring Garden Church in Willowdale and was co-founder of the Canadian division of the Christian Legal Fellowship, an organization of Christian lawyers. His voting record on same-sex marriage (he voted against) and his pro-life stance won’t make him many friends in some parts of the Liberal Party, but will help him in speaking to a community he knows well but that the Liberals have avoided like the plague.

Wow. Even the Harper Conservatives have been shying away from the religious right, giving up the fight on abortion and same-sex marriage.

It appears that, having copied the Tories on all issues economic, they want to try and out flank them on the right when it comes to social policy.