Ignatieff's absence

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Ignatieff's absence

It really bothers me that Ignatieff spent the better part of 4 decades abroad. A slide show.



What about people that go away from Canada for business or professional reasons? Does that bother you as well? 

Harper was here for the last 4 decades and he bothers me more. Perhaps its time we shipped him out. 


You can tell we're into pre-election when brand new members start signing up to post links that are clearly created by other parties!

ETA: God, it's not even any good.  I gave up half way through.  What a maroon.


lol - god (as Michelle) I hate elections!


This icomes across as if only the Liberals matter and if the Liberals the Liberals aren't in power nothing is done right. Pathetic.

I think a much better headline would read:


Ignatieff is lost in Canada