Jagmeet Singh replaces Charlie Angus as Indigenous Affairs critic

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Mighty Middle
Jagmeet Singh replaces Charlie Angus as Indigenous Affairs critic

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says he'll be his party's official critic on Indigenous matters. Wanting use the power of being a Federal Leader to shine a light on Aboriginal and Indigenous issues, and hopefully poach the Aboriginal and Indigenous vote AWAY from the Liberals and have those communities back the NDP.

This is the first step in building coalitions, for the NDP to win power. Unfortunately that means Charlie Angus will be sidelined as the champion of Aboriginal and Indigenous issues, as Jagmeet will be their new champion.



If Jagmeet is looking for the support of indigenous voters, he would do well to make a formal statement on the situation in Bolivia.  The indigenous peoples of these continents support each other in the struggle against colonization.  It is with a heavy heart that I watch the slide of Bolivia into a dictatorship where human rights are violated and indigenous people are being killed, and the military are exempted by 'presidential' decree from being criminally responsible while their citizens are mobilizing against the coup.  As an indigenous woman,  I personally am deeply disappointed in the lack of substantive reaction from the NDP on this very serious issue, in particular as it relates to democratic institutions, the Bolivian constitution, and the will of the people.  And Charlie Angus, their indigenous affairs critic, has tweeted this issue, but only once, and that too is deeply disappointing. 

Ken Burch

Is anyone else noticing that all the old posts have vanished?


Ken Burch wrote:

Is anyone else noticing that all the old posts have vanished?





The posts are back but without paragraphing and without any pictures. The url links also don't work. 


Charlie will still have an important role, and one that has a link to indigenous people.




Charlie Angus will take on the role of critic for income inequality and affordability, and for the federal economic development initiative for northern Ontario and Indigenous youth.


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The link works


Is there a reason Singh didn't name an Indigenous NDP MP to this post?

Sean in Ottawa

the strategy may be for the leader to show it is a top priotity but it is an interesting question.