Jagmeet Singh on the situation in Iran

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Jagmeet Singh on the situation in Iran


The US’ actions in Iran have brought us closer to another disastrous war in the Middle East.

The Prime Minister needs to act quickly with other countries to de-escalate the situation and not be drawn into the path that President Trump is taking.



This was a poor choice of actions against the Iranians by the Americans. This will draw the Iranians and Americans into greater conflict within the region and strength other parties like ISIS to attack the Western Forces or Israel in the area.

This needs to resolved as quick as possible to prevent many more deaths.


Not just a poor choice. Trump is effing crazy.


lagatta4 wrote:

Not just a poor choice. Trump is effing crazy.

You are very correct, this will not end well.


Not just a poor choice. Trump is effing crazy....what is undoubtedly effing crazy is to even suggest this is just Trump......include most of the leadership of the Intelligence and Pentagon establishment and the mass media for its printing the lies that preceded this assasination planned for months...not to mention the Democrats, or have we conveniently forgotten their own policy of assasinations as e.g. in Afghanistan...

what is so sad is that most of our ¨leadership¨is so totally corrupt...as for Singh´s call for deescalation?

What exactly does he have in mind? This is leadership?

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I wonder if this is to boost Republican popularity in the polls in an election year. It acts as a means to take focus off corruption and onto a serious international crisis that they can fight the Democrats on in an election.

I hope that I am wrong but many innocent people are going to die and perhaps for nothing more than political strategizing on the Republican government's part.


As Trump is totally innocent on this bs Ukrainegate, and in fact it´s the Democrats that are up to their neck in corruption in Ukraine, this can´t be the motive....Trump would just love to see Biden dragged through the mud during this election year....no my take is that this assasination plan has been in the works for quite some time by the likes of the State Department and CIA, not to mention Netanyahu and Mossad, only needing a match to push Trump to take his reckless action.....and unless Trump makes some serious offers...we are set for all out global war....Iran will give Trump, maybe several weeks to surrender...ending the sanctions, offering Palestine its statehood and that heads must roll...Pompeo and Espers to start

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My opinion anyway, whenever the Republicans are down in the polls and need a big boost and feeling of importance, they blow up another country. Then they feel good about themselves.


Trump admitted years ago that he saw war with Iran as a clever ploy to distract attention from a faltering presidency in an election year. At the time he was speculating that's what Barack Obama would have to do to win in 2012. His analysis is preserved for us on video.

Trump was, of course, wrong. Obama won re-election handily without making war on Iran. Now it's Trump's turn: his re-election prospects are uncertain; Iran is in the crosshairs. Is he, as he's boasted before, "cocked and loaded"?




Perhaps 'cooked and larded' might be more accurate in this case.


Trump now seems to have backed down on his threat to target Iranian cultural sites.

That's something, I suppose.


NDP Statement on Developing Situation in the Middle East


Clearly they've simply assembled  the questions concerned Canadians have been asking them for years without response and to which they had no answers and no policy and redirecting them now to the government. Clearly and obviously they've been caught flat-footed, and hadn't a clue or concern about our continuing role in the American coalition Op Impact before or they'd have been posing critical questions long before now.Not a peep about such things during the debates or election campaign.

It's only because there's a groundswell of concern  and they are now forced to confront and respond to the long-asked and long unanswered questions they avoided before that these pro-NATO pro-Israel, anti-bds, Hill & Knowlton hustlers look to exploit the moment and steer a developing anti-war movment into support for them. Fine. Tell them the line clear and straight is bring our troops home and not another dime for Canadian militarism. Tell them to get us the hell out of Mideast imperial adventures, the American war-machine, NATO and Op Impact NOW. And always remember when the people lead the leaders follow.



"He condemned Iran and supported sanctions against the regime..."

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Talks With Jewish Community



NDP Statement on Developing Situation in the Middle East...thanks for this and your analysis...

yes what is clear from their talk before the establishment Jewish community...the role of the NDP is to act as vehicle to divert ´progressives´away from any criticism of Israel!