Jan 26 too late for 2 war resisters and their familes

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Jan 26 too late for 2 war resisters and their familes

Jan 26 for a return to Parliamentary democracy is too late for two war resisters.. or at least one:

Here is a quote from the reliable blog from Laura

See http://wmtc.blogspot.com/search/label/war%20resisters

"Deportation orders loom. Most critically, Patrick and Jill Hart and
their six-year-old son Rian have a January 15 deadline hanging over
their heads. Dean Walcott was given a January 6 deportation date - the
timelines keep shrinking! - but he can appeal. The Harts may be out of

After that, our calendar reads like a roll call. Court dates and pending deportation dates are coming almost weekly. "

Now that Harper remains in power till at least Jan 26, it seems almost certain from the above quote that Patrick, Jill, and Ryan will be deported.

I phoned the Minister of Immigration office just this morning. 

The secretary said, "Send an email or fax, and it will be sure to be read."

I told her "Actually I sent Harper a registered mail letter on this issue, Aug 18 that he still hasn't returned. (3 months) Meanwhile I have received customized replies from the Minister of Justice ( Jan 2008) in only 2 months."

She reassured me that "all faxes are read."  Should I believe her?

Robin Long is currently serving a 15 month sentence in a US jail (He was deported from Canada July 15)

Knowing about Robin Long...on Sept 21, the Conservative Minister of Immigration made it clear that the deportations will continue despite a majority vote in Parliament recommending that they be allowed to stay (June 3).

The struggle continues ...see you all at the demos...make them big....as big as your heart.

I am writing this knowing full well that probably there will probably be a response or two to this story that is full of venom. But that's the world we live in.

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Jan. 26 is too late for Omar Khadr as well.

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