Jody Wilson-Raybould & Jane Philpott: Where do they go politically from here?

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Left Turn Left Turn's picture is backing Jody Wilson-Raybould in Vancouver Granville, and they are phoning confirmed NDP supporters to try to convince them to vote for Jody. Former rabble editor Derrick O'Keefe got a phone call from them. He told them that not only is he voting for Yvonne, but he is doing all of The Van Granville NDP's social media. Despite this, they phoned him again a few days later to again try to convince him to vote for Jody. Shame on!!!

(babble policy doesn't allow me to use the expletives that accompanied my Facebook comment on the matter.)

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

Where do they go? I don't know about philpot but raybiuld can go straight to hell..Fuck her