Jagmeet Singh vs Adam Vaughn (Spadina-Fort York) in 2019?

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Jagmeet Singh vs Adam Vaughn (Spadina-Fort York) in 2019?

In a new interview with Toronto Life Magazine Jagmeet Singh let it be known he will moving into a new home (with his fiancee) in Trinity-Bellows this spring. The riding of Spadina-Fort York, a riding represented by Adam Vaughan. Which would set up an interesting match-up IF Jagmeet Singh decides to run in the riding he resides in. In the article he said he would either run in a riding in the GTA or Windsor. Brampton was his former home base, but what if he decides to take on Adam Vaughan?

That would be good for the NDP fortunes to set-up a beachhead in that riding. Look how Thomas Mulcair Outremont win in 2007 resulted in more wins for the NDP in Quebec. In the past Adam Vaughan has said he has beaten every NDP challenger, three in a row. Helen Kennedy (municipally), Joe Cressy and Olivia Chow.

But I think his luck might run out facing off against the NDP leader in that riding. Being National Party Leader counts for alot. Could Jagmeet Singh beat Adam Vaughn in Spadina-Fort York in 2019?