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epaulo13 epaulo13's picture is the group organizing the walk.

Social Environmental Alliance - SEA

Mobilizing support for ecological and democratic socialist principles in the governance of our communities through public education, grassroots coalitions and cultural work.


NR said;  "Unless if the shoe was on the other foot and the BC NDP were building Site C you would be on board like a dirty shirt."

Nope that is not true so just go back to your cheerleading for the most corrupt government in Canada. Like the over $750,000 from Kinder Morgan that went to the crooks in  your party. 


Burnaby loses bylaw battle with Trans Mountain over pipeline expansion project

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Dump Kinder Morgan or prepare for fight, Toronto protesters tell TD

Protesters inside and outside TD’s annual general meeting in Toronto on Thursday threatened to cause "brand damage" to the major Canadian bank if it fails to sever its financial ties to Texas-based energy company Kinder Morgan.


McIntosh, a spokeswoman with advocacy group Leadnow, said that any institution that works with Kinder Morgan should expect the same attention from activists.

Leadnow and other groups pushing for serious action to address climate change have increasingly been targeting the money behind oil companies as part of their campaigns to slash heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

“It’s an issue that seems to be picking up a lot of steam,” McIntosh told National Observer, alongside about 20 protesters outside the bank's head office in downtown Toronto. "Any kind of institution or bank who is partnering with Kinder Morgan is setting themselves up for a vulnerability or liability."

Inside the bank’s Bay St. headquarters, Serge Simon, Grand Chief of the Kanesatake Mohawk Council, delivered a warning to shareholders: “In helping to finance Kinder Morgan, Line 3, Energy East and so on, you’re funding human rights abuses and treaty violations, and we’re not going to stand for that type of thing,” he said in an interview after the meeting on Thursday.

Simon is a representative of the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion, an agreement between 122 North American first nations and tribes that calls for collective resistance in response to a threat against any one treaty member. Simon said he offered shareholders a choice: stop supporting projects like Trans Mountain and work with indigenous people on sustainable projects, or expect a fight: “These unwanted projects are not going to come through our respective territories.”

He said that coordinated resistance from indigenous people across North America would stop Kinder Morgan, “one way or another.”

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Tank Farm Rally
Wednesday, April 5
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM


SFU’s Burnaby Campus is located next to a large Petrochemical storage facility known as a Tank Farm. The federal government recently endorsed the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm expansion, which will triple the size of this Tank farm. Increasing the size of the tank farm, and volume of petrochemicals stored will expose those at SFU to unacceptable levels of risk....

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The People vs. Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan’s pipeline and tanker project poses unacceptable risks to our oceans and waterways, our climate, economies, and communities. It must never be built. First Nations have vowed to stop it in the courts, so people, businesses, and community groups are raising funds to support them.

Amount Raised So Far  $192,595

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In pictures: Ottawa residents urge TD Bank to cut ties with Kinder Morgan pipeline

Even the dogs appear to be mad at TD Bank these days.

The embattled financial giant found itself on the receiving end of some unwanted attention on Saturday as Ottawa residents took to the streets, challenging the bank to cancel its ties to rapid expansion of carbon pollution from fossil fuels.

TD has also been under the microscope lately following reports its employees allegedly broke the law to meet sales targets and keep their jobs.

The protesters, in a family-friendly gathering that included children and pet dogs, called for the bank to end its financial dealings with the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), as well as the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion project.

A local organization named the Indigenous Peoples' Solidarity Movement Ottawa organized the protest at the downtown Ottawa TD Bank branch. They said their action was in solidarity with the Standing Rock Water Protectors. This follows a recent protest in Toronto also against TD that warned the bank would suffer brand damage if it continues to back controversial fossil fuel projects at a time when the world is trying to wean off fossil fuels and prevent dangerous climate change....

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Kennedy Stewart and the battle against the Texas pipeline company's plans

One by one, property owners in Burnaby, B.C. are discovering that their land lies on the route of a major new pipeline project.

Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion was approved last November by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government after a lengthy review that started under the Harper administration.

Kennedy Stewart, a New Democratic Party member of Parliament from Burnaby-South, has been one of the pipeline project’s most vocal opponents, describing himself as the person "leading the charge against Kinder Morgan in Ottawa."

“I’ve had thousands and thousands of interactions with people about the project, but now people are starting to see effect of the (Trudeau) decision (to approve the pipeline),” Stewart said in an interview with National Observer at his Ottawa office last Friday.

The Trudeau government introduced additional steps to the previous federal review in an effort to improve the process and respond to criticism that it was rigged in favour of approval. But these temporary measures still wound up leaving some local families and businesses in the dark about how the project would affect them.

“People have been getting visits from Kinder Morgan land agents, there has been surveying on property and they are now starting to get official letters saying that ‘we will be visiting you to talk about how we’re going to put this pipeline through your property,'" Stewart said....

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Trans Mountain agreement includes investment deadline, hiring priorities

A deal reached between British Columbia and Trans Mountain reveals new details about Kinder Morgan's timeline to approve investments for a proposed oil pipeline expansion and requirements to hire local workers.

The agreement, signed April 6, says the Kinder Morgan board of directors must reach a final investment decision by June 30 with news communicated by July 2 for the project to go ahead.


The agreement also includes a policy requiring the company to consider hiring B.C. businesses and First Nations first for the construction and maintenance of the project within the province.

But local businesses and workers are prioritized only if they meet Kinder Morgan's requirements for safety and expertise, offer competitive pricing and aren't at odds with the company's existing obligations.


NDP government files for intervener status on Kinder Morgan

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..more info

Kinder Morgan to make its final investment decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline by June 30


On February 17, Reuters reported, "Kinder Morgan has held discussions with Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, three of the biggest Canadian pension funds, the people added. It was unclear whether talks with the three pension funds were still ongoing. ...Kinder Morgan has hired Toronto Dominion Bank as an adviser to help arrange financing for the project and the bank is expected to run a so-called 'dual-track' process. Apart from a potential [initial public offering - the selling of shares in the pipeline], Kinder Morgan is also considering a sale of a 50 per cent stake in Trans Mountain by creating a joint venture. The formal process to attract joint venture partners is getting underway, the people said."


While the media has regularly reported the cost to construct the pipeline would be $7.4 billion, little attention has been given to the profit and costs of the pipeline. It has not been disclosed how much profit Kinder Morgan expects to make on the pipeline, but:

  • investors usually expect a return of 7-9 per cent on their investments (the pipeline is expected to cost $7.4 billion to construct)
  • given oil sells at about $50 a barrel now, and the pipeline would move 890,000 barrels a day, that would suggest the pipeline could move $44.5 million of product every day
  • if one were to calculate 890,000 barrels shipped each day over the course of 365 days that would amount to 324,850,000 barrels shipped in just one year
  • if Kinder Morgan made a profit of just $1 per barrel, that would be about $324.9 million a year, whereas $5 of profit per barrel would mean $1.62 billion a year
  • the company reported a gross profit on all their operations of $7.8 billion in 2014, $7.95 billion in 2015, and $7.26 billion in 2016.

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture it's not like it is unheard of and could never happen

Tribal Members in Oklahoma Defeat Natural Gas Pipeline Company

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma has ordered a natural gas pipeline operator to cease operations and remove the pipeline located on original Kiowa Indian lands Anadarko.

The ruling in Davilla v. Enable Midstream Partners,, L.P., issued at the end of March, found that Enable Midstream was continuing to trespass on the land and ordered the company to remove the pipeline within six months.

The plaintiffs are 38 enrolled members of the Comanche, Caddo, Apache, Cherokee and Kiowa Tribes of Oklahoma. Additionally, the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma has an interest in the land. The interests vary from nearly 30 percent to less than 9/10th of a percent.

“It’s very significant,” said plaintiffs’ lawyer David Smith.....


Kinder Morgan might hurt the BC Liberals more than they are betting on.  These kinds of stories as the campaigns get under way can be death by a thousand cuts. 

Then the Chilliwack Progress reported that Laurie Throness, the provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly for Chilliwack-Hope, commented, "It's a private arrangement they came to. I think Nestle supplied some land for them to do that." Throness made that remark at an all-candidates meeting organized by the chapter.

Chapter activist Suzy Coulter now writes in the Chilliwack Progress, "It is puzzling as to why it proves to be difficult for a concerned citizen to, in fact, get a 'straight record' regarding the issue of Nestle and the pipeline route. On the one hand, Trans Mountain's staffer at the projected route map, told us, at an info session in Hope on March 7th, that the indicated deviation from the old pipeline route was negotiated by Nestle and that if Nestle want the existing old pipe moved too, that Trans Mountain would expect Nestle to pay for that change. On the other hand the Nestle communications people are contradicting this, and further, our own elected provincial representative has a different record."

Furthermore, with respect to Chilliwack, Kinder Morgan would either have to directionally drill a 20 metre tunnel through the city's aquifer (which is 10 metres below the ground) or dig a shallow trench through the backyards of about 50 homes to build this pipeline. Construction on the pipeline is expected to begin with tree clearing and site preparation along the route this September.

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B.C. First Nation leads with green technology, sustainability

A tiny B.C. First Nation is emerging as a leader in renewable and green energy.

The T'Sou-ke Nation, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, has just over 250 community members.

Yet in the last decade, the T'Sou-ke have been operating a solar micro-grid, wasabi and oyster farms and an eco-tourism enterprise, and have launched a large-scale wind project.

Chief Gordon Planes said the community's success has come from focusing on long-term sustainability, rather than personal profit.

"We made the decision, which is really easy, that that it's a light footprint approach, and we did that for our children," Planes said.

"It's all about future generations."


"The feds paid private eye to hunt for a journalist's sources"

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..txs quizzical. from the piece.


Mobster mentality at the NEB

Bron, is an advisor at Canadians for Accountability, an organization whose mission is to support whistleblowers. He didn't mince his words when asked to describe what was happening.

“The real message they want to send out is, 'if this happens again, we’re coming for you'. It’s a kind of mobster mentality," Bron said.

“Criminal enterprises can’t survive if there’s transparency... and this (is an) idea that you have to shut up people who are speaking out and do it in a way that sends a clear message of intimidation…It (the message from NEB management) is not as far on the spectrum of course, but it’s in the same ballpark.”