Left Wingnuts...Down for the Count!

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Left Wingnuts...Down for the Count!

So Taliban Jack and his new Bum Boys have failed! ;) Excellent! The Plan is coming together!

You really think you can rip this country apart by trying to Suck Queerbec's C*ck? You fools!

All hail the West and Mr Harper!

God Bless the Queen and the Hell with you Queerbec loving Whores!

 So hope the Big Three and the rest of you Unionized Pricks Fail as well....Unions have Killed this Country and Now the worm has turned!


Kiss me Arse, Buffa 


Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

So much for the 1000 year coalition!

God bless her Excellency the Governor General!


I guess the number of new trolls [or trolls with new names] that are passing through is some kind of indication of the level of polarization at the moment.

So far, fortunately for all of us, Harper only sporadically is fully inclined to play with fire.

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Brunos weren't you complaining yesterday about the undemocratic nature of the GG's powers? Today, its "God bless her excellency the GG". But I guess today things are different. You guys are funny. You don't even know what you stand for other than the right to jeer.

What's the real story? Harper can't face the parliment, and has to use the extraordinary powers invested in the last vestiges of absolute monarchal authority in order to cancel what remains of democracy in this country. Whose the Taliban now?

No principles and no clue. What's funnier is you make the Liberals and the NDP look like they have some.

How do you manage that?


Noooooooooo! We took the bait! Successful troll is successful. OMG, just me posting this right now is feeding his trollery. I should stop. I'm stopping....I stopped.

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Meh. Who cares?


Anyone has an original recipe to share?

Sean in Ottawa

FM- thanks for your post. I agree that these threads should be renamed as you suggest.

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I wish the moderators would rename this thread "A message from a Canadian Conservative" as it should stand as a testament as to who and what are Conservatives. They are cold-blooded, hate mogering, racist cowards. Simply put.

Read the hate and self-suffering bile emanating from tha initial poster. The second Conservative poster doesn't  place himself apart from the psychotic ravings of the first, but instead cheerily offers his "ditto".

This is because the mentality of Conservatives is one of self-proclaimed victimhood deriving from a sense of threat to an unearned sense of entitlement. And that unearned sense of entitlement is itself founded on some insanely irrational and unearned physical characteristic such as skin color, or ethnic backround, or family background. Never, ever, on anything actually earned.

They represent the exact reason why the human race is in the dire predicament that it is.

They are the immoral and spiritual dagger pointed at the heart of human civilization. They are greedy, selfish, angry, intellectualy and emotionally stunted people who deserve to be scorned and fought as they represent the very worst qualities of humanity. 


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KenS wrote:

I guess the number of new trolls [or trolls with new names] that are passing through is some kind of indication of the level of polarization at the moment.

 No, it's an indication of the threat level we have and how scared they are at losing power.


Brian Topp: Our friends on the blue team seem to mostly focus on sticks, and not so much on carrots. ;)


I just hope that wasn't my dad that posted that.

Can you take it easy on him, just in case. 


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