Libby Davies - forced to apologize - anti-Israel

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not about me I only forward the story

the reason being that in their self serving sellout depravity, they don't give a fig about betraying their avowed left principles, but I've found that when in the company of internationals they pretend they do and never talk about THESE kinds of positions they take here at home. You'd be surprised how much fear and trepidation is inspired at the prospect of  their shame being revealed at lefty fora they pretend to be real socialists at. If it's all quite as above board and defensible as some here argue then let them explain themselves to those that may find their 'socialist solidarity' so soon after Mavi Marmara leaves something to be desired


You're full of shit.


The NDP is a lost cause, having been rendered as such by a ruling apparatus where uselessness competes treachery for dominance.  They are an empty shell of a party filled with opportunistic yes people, collaborators, apologists, and bald faced toadying sycophants to power, money and influence. Why bother voting for this POS pack of charlatans if it only leads to supporting yet another variant of the same dead from the neck up cabal of fucktionaries that have always ruled. A vote for the NDP is not a vote to change anything, but rather it amounts to a flush down the same festering sewer where the rest of the political establishment resides.


George Victor wrote:

Joe Comartin is one of the brightest, most honest and forthright politicians extant.  Threatening him on this issue would be a really morally insensitive thing for an outraged humanist to do.  But then purists aren't about to try  to see the best folks elected when their own egos can be brandished with such telling effect on the political outcome.

As one of his party workers it is not a threat it is a warning. If no one ever tells you that you or the company you keep are doing something wrong, how would you know. So you can stick your faux outrage at my outrage where the sun doesn't shine george. This isn't about my ego or even yours, this is about making sure the party sticks to principals. I am no longer content to watch them list to starboard anymore. Either they ship up or I will go spend my not so inconsequential efforts somewhere else. I canvas I donate, I talk up the NDP at every opportunity to friends family, people who I don't know who are blowing smoke. When I talk about them as my party its because of the trust I put into them to do what they say. You know stupid ego things like effin human rights and being The Honest Politcial Party and such.

How do you convince people on principals if you don't believe it yourself. Ask any saleperson if its easier or harder to sell a product they don't trust themselves?


What thorin_bane said.

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Well, what a nice thread to wake up to. Not.

NDPP your rhetoric goes very close to the line of being offensive. Comparing Israel to Hannibal Lector? Jebus.

Fidel, telling another babbler "You're full of shit" is not okay. No, not even in the middle of the night when the mods are sleeping all snug in our beds. Knock it the hell off. 

George, you know your comment to NDPP about being a "sensitive fella" wasn't going to help matters.

thorin bane, telling George to stick it where the sun don't shine isn't okay. Cut it out.

And now I feel like a kindergarten teacher breaking up a fight. And now I've just insulted children in kindergarten.

Someday I would really like to have a conversation about issues and problems we have with the NDP without it degenerating into childish petulant name-calling.

As the song says, someday never comes.

Closing for length.



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