Liberal Shadow cabinet

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Wilf Day
Liberal Shadow cabinet

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Wilf Day

Ignatieff announced the new roster of Critic and Parliamentary roles critic positions today.

The Liberal Caucus has a surplus of talent in the GTA and Atlantic Canada.

But did all their MPs from the West, Ontario outside the GTA, and Quebec get positions?

Pretty much.

Missing: Keith Martin (was Critic for the Canadian International Development Agency), and Hedy Fry (was Critic for Sport and the Vancouver Olympics), along with Anthony Rota (Nipissing), Stephane Dion, Bernard Patry, Massimo Pacetti, and Lise Zarac.

What happened to Keith Martin?


I think the most significant switch is taking John McCallum out of Finance and replacing him with Scott Brison.

McCallum was an experienced name to have in that position, but he has not been as effective as he should have been in the role of Flaherty's critic.  It will be interesting to see if Brison will be better at critiquing the Finance Minister than McCallum turned out to be.

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It strikes me that it should read "Liberal Invisible Cabinet" as that is what they were, and  I expect they will keep on being just as invisible.