Libs blame ex-NDPers for woes

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Libs blame ex-NDPers for woes

This is interesting.  Liberal disunity isn't the fault of an incompetent leader.  The problem is traitors in the ranks.

From Angelo Persichilli at the [url= Star[/url]:


"Our party," a Liberal MP told me last week, "has been taken over by two former NDP premiers, Ujjal Dosanjh, with the Afghanistan issue, and now Bob Rae with abortion."

These sentiments are not new. Last month, Dan Donovan, publisher of Ottawa Life magazine, wrote: "Many lifelong Liberals, like me, are disgusted with Rae and Dosanjh and their antics. Their agenda is to do whatever they can to attack the Prime Minister and defence minister, even if it means tarring the reputation of Canada and the Canadian Forces."