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AWWH I was hoping for SPP cheerleading to be out in the open not hidden away at a think tank(sic) Oh well if Manley disappeared from politics and public commentary I would be a happier person.


I am not so certain that Manley is out...



November 4, 2008 at 12:04 AM EST

John Manley says he is considering the "political and personal implications" of seeking the leadership of the national Liberal Party and has asked potential supporters to answer three questions to help him make his decision.

In an e-mail sent to "friends" several days ago, the former deputy prime minister said that although no one can help him with the "personal side of this dilemma … you can help me with the political calculation."

He asked whether there is enough support in the party for him, whether he and his friends can find 2,000 people who would each contribute $1,100, and whether organizers are available to mount a "truly first-class campaign."



Originally posted by madmax:
[b]I am not so certain that Manley is out...

[url= [/b]

Well yeah, but that then. Like, several hours ago!

[url= it's this:[/url]


John Manley will not seek the leadership of the Liberal Party, saying that he searched his soul and found he lacks the “burning ambition” to run.



"I'll take a shot at it if it comes on a platter with my name on it. So, if at least a thousand of those contributors are promised by 'my friends' in the next few hours, I'll go for it."


Or, "I lack the desire to run, lose, see some idiot get the top job, be forced to run as an MP again, and spend my 60s as a backbench opposition critic getting taunted by Peter Van Loan in Question Period every day watching someone else do the job I wanted so very very much."

It's happened to others:

Bob Rae

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aka Mycroft

[url=]Liberal leadership prospects narrow[/url]



Originally posted by aka Mycroft:
[b][url=]Liberal leadership prospects narrow[/url][/b]

I think this is really well said:


Bob Rae sees himself as a Canadian Obama but he's really the Great White North's answer to Joe Lieberman. He is, with good reason, viewed by New Democrats as a traitor for obvious reasons and a fraud who squandered the miraculous opportunity given the Ontario NDP in 1990 to permanently reshape politics in that province and the country thanks to his abandonment of public auto insurance and his betrayal of labour through the social contract. Rae can no more "unite the left" under his banner than Sarah Palin can unite feminists under hers.

Jacob Two-Two

Yes, good article.


The proposition by business Liberals that the party lost the election because they were to left wing is based not on facts but is simply an attempt to rally opposition within the party against the more progressive wing of the party.

Quite true, and I think it will work like a charm within our former Natural Governing Party. Confused and arrogant as they are, they will be looking for scapegoats rather than doing any serious re-thinking of their new role in Canadian politics, and the Liberal "progressives" (whoever the hell they are) will suffer for it.

I think Ignatieff will win which ought to help the NDP.

Lord Palmerston

Bob Rae is the Tony Blair of Canada.

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Originally posted by Lord Palmerston:
[b]Bob Rae is the Tony Blair of Canada.

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At least that is what he sees when he looks in the mirror.