Marc Garneau now foreign affairs minister

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Marc Garneau now foreign affairs minister

Garneau embraces new US ties...

"Ottawa's new foreign minister says he will work with the incoming Biden administration in Washington to find ways to help two Canadian men imprisoned by China. Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau, the former NASA astronaut who lived nearly a decade in the US, made the commitment as he took over the portfolio from Francois-Philippe Champagne in Tuesday's cabinet shuffle..."

So, well used to taking orders from Americans. A perfect choice for FAMCAN.


Seems to say it all. We have a problem with our relationship to China so he says we will talk to the US. Canada has become an embarrassment on the international stage. Sycophants get pats on the heads but no respect from their global peers. Apparently having spent many years in the US is a good thing to have on one's resume if one wants to become a Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs.