Maximizing immigration to Canada the right way

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Maximizing immigration to Canada the right way

Immigration debates always seem to be about the rights of migrants or racism which is a really narrow focus. We can't have unlimited migration into Canada or our social systems would collapse. Immigration must be controlled, but how?

The international rule seems to be if someone makes it over your border and forciing them back would be dangerous to them we don't do it. That just sets up a situation where the refugees with money are the most likely to make it to Canada and/or along with others die trying to get here. 

In the meantime orphans are left in refugee camps around the world and climate change refugees are not recognized as such. 

We have control over this spectacularly beautiful and wealthy land by collective might not right.  Morally we aren't entitled to claim it not that we will ever give it up.

Realitistically how should we be approaching immigration?  What would be a better system? 

This is a very old article but things don't seem to have changed all that much: