Mike Duffy & Pamela Wallin - "We've been 'thrown under the bus' by the Conservatives!"

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Mike Duffy & Pamela Wallin - "We've been 'thrown under the bus' by the Conservatives!"

Mike Duffy’s lawyers have barred him from speaking to the press but he has told friends that he feels he has been thrown under the bus and that the Conservative PR machine is out to destroy him.

Sources close to the now-Independent senator at the centre of the expenses scandal said Mr. Duffy was recruited to present a “kinder, softer” face to the Conservative Party in the run-up to the 2011 election. Friends say he was told that political appearances on the Senate tab were not only tolerated, they were expected by the Prime Minister.

Postmedia News reported Thursday that new senators, including Mr. Duffy and Pamela Wallin, were told that they could bill for certain partisan travel.

Source: John Ivison column

Meanwhile Wallin has been frustrated by the coverage of her audit. She says "The media bullying is unreal!"

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Really? I thought Duffy got this perk because he delivered the Stephane Dion screwup tape.

Why should either of them be surprised in the least? They are the ones who made this deal with the devil, and this was well after the advent of Harper's stonewall against the press corps.


Lens Solution

Correct.  Duffy was given a Senate position by Harper as a reward for damaging Stéphane Dion in the 2008 Election by making fun of his French in that interview.  The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council even ruled that Duffy breached the rules.

As for Duffy and Wallin, they have only themselves to blame.  Wallin in particular was an accomplished journalist that many women admired as a pioneering woman's journalist in Canada - one of the most prominent women of her time.  And then she decided to give up her independence and become a shill for Stephen Harper.

If they want to redeem themselves with the public, they should go public with what they know about Harper.  Duffy in particular must known the truth about the Nigel Wright $90,000 deal.


After Helena Guergis was thrown under the bus, Wallin taped a video (see below for video) for Dr. Kellie Leitch for Simcoe-Grey. She even campaigned enthuastically for Kellie during the election.

Wonder how Wallin feels now that she has been thrown under the bus, just like Helena Guergis.


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Do you have a link for the words quoted in the OP, terry? In order to observe copyright law, we need to mark quoted material and link to the original content.

ETA: I've fixed the OP with a link to what looks like the original article, and put the quoted text in blockquotes.

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Looks like the CPC Senate Committee have decided to give Pamela Wallin the works and make her pay back everything, including the extra portion that was open to interpretation:


A senate committee has ordered Saskatchewan senator Pamela Wallin to pay back a total of $138,970 in expenses.





The Senate Steering Committee of Internal Economy has concluded that Pamela Wallin owes another $17, 621.98 for faulty expense claims.




Unfortunately, the Senate Committee succumbed to a “lynch mob” mentality. There was no regard to procedural or substantive fairness. I am disappointed and angry about the way in which this matter was handled, and any implication that I behaved dishonestly.

-Pamela Wallin

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Stop it! You people are making me cry!! Such injustice these two have experienced!

Reminds me of these horrible problems....



(photos from First World Problems meme)

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I want sound effects... when the bus runs over them, is it a wet sound, or a dry crunchy one?

*Considers waving to Maysie, but then reconsiders*


bagkitty wrote:

I want sound effects... when the bus runs over them, is it a wet sound, or a dry crunchy one?

*Considers waving to Maysie, but then reconsiders*


 If they stack them up right they can make a ramp out of them and it sounds like Dukes of Hazards.


Lens Solution, I presume you mean Stéphane Dion's English - there is nothing wrong with his French. Oh, a bit professorial and nerdy, but that has its charms.


Highlights from the recent Macleans Cover story on Wallin ‘Diva Senator Wallin’

Began to think she was more important than any other senator. She told a friend ‘All senators are farmers from wherever; they don’t understand their job. I understand Canada and politics more than anyone’

Opposed bill advocating gender parity on corporate boards. ‘Perhaps I am just kidding myself, and I do not think so, but I think the reason I sit on some of these boards is because I bring a skill set to the table and not because of my gender’

Saw the Senate as her own personal travel agency ‘My friends say I live on airplanes’

Helped defeat a bill on climate change. As chancellor of the University of Guelph, the campus paper requested an interview for an explanation about killing the bill. She refused sending a letter stating ‘I have family and Senate duties and responsibilities and volunteer work such as serving as chancellor of the University of Guelph. I serve on several corporate boards, chair the national security and defense Senate committee and sit on three others, and travel extensively – and now I am doing this in a wheelchair, as I broke my foot recently. I trust – and hope – that my busy life can serve as an example to today’s students who will be tomorrows leaders’

Called the Rideau Institute a ‘left-wing peace and social policy think-tank that routinely criticizes Canada’s military spending’

Felt she was more important that Liberal Senator Romeo Dallaire acting like ‘he’s a retired General, but I’m an honorary colonel’

Was extremely hard on her staff, going through dozens of assistants in just four years. Her mantra was ‘make it happen’. Other senators would regularly hear her voice raised and shouts from her office.

Felt there was no need for an inquiry on sexual harassment within the RCMP and did everything she could to block such a motion. ‘The committee, while I am chair, will not serve as a forum for people to anecdotally share their experiences without proper legal defense or advice. Why are people trying to live out some Perry Mason or Jack McCoy fantasy?’

Spent the summer healing the hurt. After fundraising for half-dozen Conservative candidates, all of them have turned their back on her. Particularly Kellie Leitch, who now claims she barely, knows the woman. Yet Wallin headlined a fundraiser for her, then campaigned for her.

One friend says ‘Pam made mistakes. And one of them was that she drank the Prime Ministers Kool-Aid and went out and defending his policies’

But she has lost so much income streams; she now needs to find away to make more money. Her senate salary is not enough!

But she will stick around until 2013 to qualify for a pension (despite criticizing Olivia Chow in 2011 for doing so).


Not only have they been thrown under the bus, but they have been thrown (temporarily) out of the Senate! How are they going to pay their bills without any pay!?

The Senate is moving to suspend senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin from the red chamber without pay, CBC has learned.

At the same time, Duffy has sent a letter to the Speaker of the Senate, Noel Kinsella, requesting a medical leave of absence due to a heart condition.

Three motions were read in the Senate shortly after 2:40 p.m. ET that would strip Wallin and Duffy of not only their pay, but also Senate resources and benefits.

A Conservative notice of motion to suspend Wallin and Duffy came from the government Senate leader Claude Carignan in its first meeting since the House was prorogued last June.

In the motion related to Wallin, Carignan stated, "The Senate orders a suspension for the Honourable Senator Wallin for sufficient cause, considering her gross negligence in the management of her parliamentary resources until such time as this order is rescinded."

Senate sources say Duffy's request for a medical leave will not override a move to suspend him, because a suspension would be a "disciplinary sanction for an unrelated matter."

In the letter about his state of health, Duffy wrote, "When I had open heart surgery in 2006, they found three blockages. Because of bleeding, broken ribs and various complications, they ended up fixing the main problem, but did not want to keep me on the table longer to fix the other two blocked vessels. They suggested that surgery could come later."

Over the summer, Duffy said, he suffered unstable angina and ended up in hospital in Halifax for two days. He said his doctor recommended he stay off work "until I get the all-clear from my medical team."


Lens Solution

Looks like Pamela Wallin is planning to fight back against Harper!  Who will prevail in the battle of strong personalities?  Harper put Wallin & Duffy in the Senate because they were big names.  I think he'll find it harder to get rid of them than some backbench MP who he can just throw out.  They may cause trouble for Harper for months to come.  Tee hee!


Pamela Wallin's lawyer threatens legal action over possible Senate suspension

The Canadian Press 

Friday, October 18, 2013 5:44PM EDT

OTTAWA -- Sen. Pamela Wallin is threatening a legal battle against a Conservative move to suspend her without pay -- something her lawyer calls an affront to Canadian democracy.


Wallin's lawyer Terrence O'Sullivan says there is nothing in the audits or the resulting Senate reports that make any mention of gross negligence.

O'Sullivan says the Senate's own rules and the Constitution require due process, something he says Wallin has been never afforded during a series of in-camera hearings.

He says if the motion against Wallin is passed, Saskatchewan will be denied its constitutional right to one of its senators, a move he attributes completely to political expediency by the Conservatives.




So what's happening to Liberal Senator Marc Harb - is he in jail yet?

Lens Solution

None of the Senators in the expenses scandal have been charged at this point.

I guess only the RCMP knows whether they plan to conclude their investigations with charges.


NorthReport wrote:

So what's happening to Liberal Senator Marc Harb - is he in jail yet?

He's an ex-Senator


Don't you mean ex-con?  Laughing

bekayne wrote:

NorthReport wrote:

So what's happening to Liberal Senator Marc Harb - is he in jail yet?

He's an ex-Senator


something her lawyer calls an affront to Canadian democracy.

I'm sure the people who voted for her will be up in arms about it.

Hugh Segal threw a snit, too:

"Some folks think the best way to deal with these problems is to throw everybody under the bus. Well guess what? You're going to run out of buses and you're going to run out of people."

So, if we get rid of every last crooked senator, we won't have a Senate left?

How soon can we start?

Lens Solution

None of these Senators are cons yet - they haven't been charged or convicted with anything.  They have acted unethically, but they are not criminals at this point in time according to the law.

NorthReport wrote:

Don't you mean ex-con?  Laughing

bekayne wrote:

NorthReport wrote:

So what's happening to Liberal Senator Marc Harb - is he in jail yet?

He's an ex-Senator


Senator Pamela Wallin’s lawyer says she is being deprived of her livelihood and compares her treatment in the upper chamber to that of a third world dictatorship.

Wallin is facing suspension from the upper chamber without pay for up to two years, along with fellow independents Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau.

Her lawyer Terrence O’Sullivan said he is outraged.

“She’s now being deprived of her position in the Senate, of her livelihood. That job is being taken away from her without any due process. That couldn’t happen to any other Canadian, in any other job, but it’s happening here,” he said.

“This is the way third world dictatorships deal with political rivals.”

O’Sullivan said Wallin deserves a full public hearing in the Senate.

“If they want to suspend her, they should do so after she’s had the full opportunity to answer the allegations in the motion, to see what evidence they rely on, and to cross-examine their witnesses, and bring evidence of our own,” he said.



I'm sure she'll get the sympathy vote.

No wonders lawyers are held in such high esteem with dumbass remarks like that.


But she could be suspended for up to two years. Which means no salary for 2 years. How is she suppose to make a living?

David Young

terrytowel wrote:

But she could be suspended for up to two years. Which means no salary for 2 years. How is she suppose to make a living?

As long as she keeps the Senate scandal(s) in the news for the next two years before the 2015 election, why should we care where her income may come from?


Lens Solution

Wallin is not poor.  She might be at risk of losing her Senate salary, but the recent Maclean's feature I read on her says she has condos in New York City and Toronto each worth about half a million dollars.  She also still has income from investments, corporate board positions, etc.  She's not in danger of ending up on the streets.


Lens Solution wrote:

The recent Maclean's feature I read on her says she has condos in New York City and Toronto each worth about half a million dollars. She also still has income from investments, corporate board positions, etc.  She's not in danger of ending up on the streets.

Remember she sold the NY condo to pay the senate back. She resigned from all those lucrative boards. I read the article as well, and I don't recall it saying she had an investment portfolio. Even if she does, she has condo fees to pay, both her parents are in a long term nursing home. That costs money, she still has expenses. Her lawyer fees alone are probably six-figures. Plus she doesn't have access to the Senate drug perscription plan, so that is going to be another cost.

Why do you think she is fighting so hard to hang on to her senate job? She is only a few pay cheques away from winding up on the street!

Aren't you guys worried about her being homeless? Being turfed out on the streets?!

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Yeah I am losing sleep over the idea of Pam Wallin out on the street...sheesh

I drove through her home town of Wadena the other day and they still have Pamela Wallin Drive on the street signs. She can always go back home.


knownothing wrote:

She can always go back home.

If she loses everything, and is out on the street homeless and penniless, will you pay for her plane ticket home to Wadena?

Another thought. Leslie Roberts is doing the news solo at Global now. Maybe Pam can apply for the co-anchor job.

Hey a job is a job.


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Pam's been jetsetting around the world on the taxpayer's dime, time for her to learn a little humility.


I just remembered she must of racked up some frequent flyer miles. I'm sure she probably has a free ticket to anywhere around the world by now.


Well considering they charged and jailed the ex liberal senator when he was caught scamming the expense kitty, I'm sure that there will be 4 more ex senators/senators having court dates - 3 cons and 1 liberal. All in the news for a long time.


Hey, if she goes to jail, that's the accomodation problem solved right there. From what her party keeps telling Canadians, conditions are pretty cushy.


And they all get to wear orange jumpsuits - their fav colour I am sure Kiss


If they haven't already, they should charge both the Liberal and Conservative Senators. The Cons are only lnow earning  how to be "entitled to their entitlements "from the Liberals


I am thinking that the suspensions are a way to get them off the hill and out of sight for when they are charged. It would be great if charges were laid in the middle of the byelection time.

As well I do so hope that Wallin keeps up her bellyaching in the press.

And I do believe that her suspension is heavy handed in the sense that she hasn't had her day in court - guilty before proven. Just saying.


Update on Mike Duffy

Donald Bayne said Mr. Duffy is considering legal action against the Senate over a motion to suspend him from the Red Chamber, his lawyer says.

Mr. Bayne said his client has never been given a fair chance to defend himself against a range of allegations against him. He said Mr. Duffy was coerced into accepting a “scenario” provided by the Prime Minister’s Office that saw him repay about $90,000 in housing expenses – using money given to him by Stephen Harper’s then chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Mr. Bayne said it appears the Conservative majority in the Senate intends to “act like a mob” in its plans to suspend Mr. Duffy without knowing the evidence or the results of an ongoing RCMP investigation into Mr. Duffy and other senators’ expense claims.

Read link for more



Aw poor Mike Duffy is being picked on again. Isn't there any justice in this world! Laughing

Who does former CTV reporter (CTV does not mention this in their story, funny that) the Duff think he is kidding - this is hilarous!


Mike Duffy victim of Tory bid to hide political embarrassment: lawyer



Both Wallin and Duffy say they are victims and they were exploited by the PM. Their names were used to win the election, and now that they are no use, they are being tossed out like garbage!

They are being victimized!



Due process should be extended to all including assholes like those two. I think that it will hurt the Tories even more than if they are allowed to sweep it under thr rug.  I would love to see Pamela and Mike trotting out all the dirt they have and laying it on the public record.

Lens Solution

The problem for Harper is that Duffy & Wallin are big names who had success & fame long before he did.  They aren't anonymous backbench MP's who can just be swept aside.  They have strong egos & personalities and the resources and fame to fight back.  They are going to use that against Harper.  They both have lawyers and both of them are fighting this in a way Harper isn't used to.


Liberals have nothing to say on this topic, and should hang their collective heads in shame together with the Cons. Mac Harb anyone?

Finally though a political party telling it like it is and where most Canadians are on the issue of Canada's Senate:

NDP to make case for blanket ban on 'partisan activities' by senators



Duffy and Wallen are just distractions. The problem is the House of Patronage and its rules. And yes, I agree there should be due process. I wonder how the Liberal senators will vote?


sounded to me like the lawyer was threatening the PMO. basically saying "we have lots of emails to prove there's a 'we' in this equation not just the Wright guy".

i kinda think this is a situation where you give people enough rope until they're drunk with power and then they'll hang themselves.

Lens Solution

quizzical wrote:
sounded to me like the lawyer was threatening the PMO.

Indeed.  Other commentators picked up on this today:


The threat from Mike Duffy’s lawyer to the Conservatives was unmistakable





what strikes me is that the major media types and many Liberal operators and supporters kept saying to the NDP it was time to move on and that the senate scandal was no big deal. They were just so wrong and it's a story that keeps on giving, along with just reenforcing in the public mind that this upper chamber of patronage is just such a waste of money and resources.


Joke all you like about jail time, neither of these two is going to suffer appropriate consequences. Wallin's lawyer is right about one thing - no where else in Canada would an employee be treated this way. Everywhere else in Canada, if you're caught with your hand in the till, you're immediately fired. No suspension, no dragged out hearings. You're done. Oh Pam, your sense of entitlement is truly jaw-dropping.

Duffy's case is a bit different, if we are to believe the contents of the emails his lawyer released yesterday. If the PMO told him his expense account was fine when the issue first came up and Duffy expressed concern, then they screwed up. I can just imagine the conversation ...

Duffy: You told me everything was fine, now they want $90,000!!

Nigel (with much hand-wringing) Mr. Prime Minister, what should I do?

Duffy: Yeah Mr. Prime Minister, that ARE you going to do to fix this for me, since Nigel here told me by email there was nothing to worry about.

PM: Nigel, this is your fucking mess. YOU clean it up.

Nigel(sighing): Okay Mike, I'll cut you a cheque. Just don't tell anybody.


I hope Harper ends up wearing this one.

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We should all be calling on Stephen Harper to resign, ever since Mike Duffy's lawyer yesterday showed Harper's and the PMO's complicity to cover-up aspects of the Mike Duffy Senate scandal. I hope there's demonstrations calling on Harper to resign soon.

As Duffy's lawyer said, "the cover-up is always worse than the original misdemeanor". Harper is starting to remind me of Richard Nixon and Watergate.

Yes, it's that bad. Lies, deceit, and cover-ups.


Caissa wrote:

I hope Harper ends up wearing this one.

Indeed. And I wish Mulcair would postpone his "scrap the Senate" diversion and go straight after Harper on this one.

This has zero to do with the Senate and its undemocratic redundant nature. This is the kind of crookedness, corruption, and coverups which could equally take place in the Commons, or the public service, or anywhere. Proving Harper and his inner circle are corrupt would be a nice gift to Canada.

Which brings me to the NDP motion which is supposed to be debated today:

That, in the opinion of this House, urgent steps must be taken to improve accountability in the Senate, and, therefore, this House call for the introduction of immediate measures to end Senators' partisan activities, including participation in Caucus meetings, and to limit Senators' travel allowances to those activities clearly and directly related to parliamentary business.

Why not make the same motion with respect to the House of Commons (maybe deleting the Caucus meetings clause)?



That motion is stupid and a waste of the House's time.


Caissa wrote:

That motion is stupid and a waste of the House's time.

I agree 100%. But if they made it about the House instead of the Senate, how do you think the vote would go?

It's always easier to preach morality to Senators when you haven't named any yet.