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Stephen Harper's Conservative Government has taken action to help keep Canadian families safe. For example, we passed the Canada Consumer Safety Product Act, which replaced previous legislation that was more than 40 years old. The modern legislation is an improvement in a number of ways. It gives Health Canada the power to implement mandatory recalls of unsafe consumer products, for example, instead of relying solely on voluntary recalls as in the past. It makes it an offence to make false or deceptive health and safety claims on packaging or labelling. And it increases the potential fines and penalties for violations of the Act, from one million up to five million dollars. These are necessary and important measures to help protect Canadian consumers. Canadian families can now shop with greater confidence. Our Conservative Government remains committed to consumer safety. 

This comes complete with a picture of a baby with his safe bottle. Was this a real problem before the Cons "fixed" it? What about safety labels now under direct political control (review commission disbanded). This spin sheet sounds great, the Cons are doing a great job for us. What is between the lines? 

These sheets are sent out every month to all constituents, for most it will be the only news they get on our governments actions. How do we counter a government in perpetual election mode?