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N.Beltov wrote:

Caissa wrote:
Obama's analysis seemed more to the left in that book than in his most recent one.

Maybe the US President could get around to reading the book that Venezuelan President Chavez gave him.

Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano


speaking of Chavez and moving left

The Bolivarian Government Against Union Autonomy:

"From the Iberian Anarchist Federation's Tierra y Libertad website, an article describing and criticizing the government of Hugo Chavez and its attempt to co-opt the Venezuela labor movement..."


When the legitimate aspirations of people wishing to create and exist in a society that places humanity before all else becomes reduced to a state of hypothesis by those scrambling to carve out a niche at centre stage, personal delusions as to what progress might occur under more fantastic circumstances is often the only consolation, sufficing in the interim as amusement which takes the place of worth, in observing the occupants of the centre collectively huddled in fear of their respective polar opposites.