MP Dawn Black Ready to Jump To BC Provincial Politics?

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I don't have a good feel for right now in BC either, but if the NDP does not win it is always tough for a Leader in that position... when there is any significant sense of "didn't get what was in your grasp".

First of all, she'd have her own choice to make.

There's no real point to specking that one out. The relevant point here is that Dawn Black faces a situation where either the NDP wins and she is likely a Minister, or if they lose there are still political prospects for her. Its kind of a no brainer.

I have friends who live in Glen Clark's neighbourhood. When Glen was Premeir they would still see him at kids hockey games, in stores, etc. Whats not to like about having a lot more normal life with your family?


ETA:  Of course, I don't have much of a feel for Carole James, either, so this wasn't intended to be a comment on her leadership.

And I agree its hard to get a feel for Carole James in BC as the media courts the Liberals and despite making the headlines on the occasion she receives very little coverage from main stream media as the Leader of the Opposition.   Its very disappointing as BC is certainly no Toronto as Premier gets ripped apart by media for the condition their condition is in Toronto, and funny thing is every main stream media in BC is just oozing  support for BC Premier despite the fact Vancouver is doing no better.  And in fact we are number one when it comes to having the worst of the worst, the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich.  Funny how that works.  I really have to wonder about Black and her political ideologies as clearly from an NDP supporter to a Liberal supporter are like Black and White.  But then aren't the most of these politicians anyways just saying what needs to be said so things can go unsaid and undone?  I do believe Carole James would be different as citizens would not be kept from everything as with Campbell's Secrets would be lifted from the legislature and all those Billions thats have been oozing through sales of Rails and Oil and Hydro and those unprecedented Billions into the BC coffers maybe someone may be able to locate all that BC Wealth as it appears the Liberals have misplaced it.  Instead of Do You Believe It should be Do You Really Believe These Guys? 


I didn't get my drift either as read it wrong thought she was going BC Liberal there for a moment and seemed extreme for sure but looked it over again.  Then its a no brainer for sure not changing spots just location and Black is back on track for sure.


When it comes to BC politics - make NO assumptions because you are guaranteed to be wrong. In 1986, the Socreds started with a 20% lead and by the time the votes were counted, it was a six point lead. In 1991, the BC Liberals went from single digits to being the official opposution overnight. In 1996, after being 30 points behind for years, the NDP catapulted into a big lead early in the campaign, but then lost ground and actually got 3% less than the BC Liberals despite winning the election.  The last three federal elections have been a total rollercoaster ride in BC with dramatic up and down swings on a daily basis. A poll on BC politics from three weeks ago might as well be from three years ago. Just in the past week, there have been scandalous reveleations about BC Rail and the Basi-Virk scandal, news about mismanagement and cost overruns with the Port Mann Bridge and the Olympics etc...I think there is at least a 50/50 chance that the BC NDP wins in May - much to the chagrin of the Carol James haters who would rather lose the election than have the NDP win while being led by someone they didn't support.


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