Mulcair opposes C-51 while Trudeau folds like a cheap suit 2

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 It has nothing to do with Trudeau's tepid critism, it has to do with the brilliant work of Tom Mulcair which has shifted public opinion to the point where even the people at Free Dominion are joining the fight and thinking of voting NDP even.


 And yet you want to give the credit to Trudeau, disgusting.

Trudeau certainly didn't shift opinion but neither did the NDP. Organizations, institutions and countless dignitaries and experts have come out against it. I would say they are the ones who changed the public's opinion. Nevertheless the NDP deserves credit for choosing to fight it. The Liberals should have fought it too instead of siding with the Conservatives even with reservations.

Several organizations, institutions, and countless dignitaries and experts in the US also came out against the Iraq war and the Patriot Act. The reason these people didn't make any traction against the Bush administration is because there were no influential elected politicians who stood against the Bush administration. The difference in Canada is that the Greens and NDP came out clearly against it and fought against it where the laws are made, in Parliament.

Stop using facts because Pondering never responds to those. Just use rhetoric and made up BS in your arguments while ignoring any facts when proven, seems to work for our Libs.

ETA Like to say E May has been forecful on this issue and deserves some props on it.

 I agree.

I used to think so highly of progressves. I never imagined they would be the bullies. Those were in my idealistic days when I thought progressives wouldn't be rapists  or mysogynists either. Babble is certainly an eye opener concerning the character of progressives. Progressives, at least on babble, are just as vicious and mean-spirited as bullies anywhere else and bystanders are just as likely to standby and say nothing. Fortunately I have a thick skin. It's amusing to see how superior the bullies think they are when they share core values with Harperites in how they treat people.

Oh my goodness! Babble is an "eye opener". Progressives on babble are vicious with no qualifier so as to paint everyone here with the same brush. And the comment about rapists and linking them in the same paragraph to her description of the character of progressives on Babble is just breath taking.




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That's why Frank Graves is now calling it clearly a three-way race, eh!


.forum was right on in the Ontario election, and today its showing a tie between CPC and the ekos poll, greens are at 10% fed, and 15% in BC that hurts the NDP. And in the ekos poll, Tories are very high in Quebec and it hurts the NDP too.


And then to defend it when called out on it. No no I didn't actually just call people(you know no one specific except preyty much the whole board) rapists and mysogynists, it was about bullying. Because calling people rapists and myscogynists to shut them up isn't a form of bullying. You Pondering are a piece of shit, no that isn't bullying, its stating a fact of how low you have sunk.


You are bullies and you are proving it. You are more concerned with semantics than you are with truth or justice.

You all know, including Meg, 100% full well, that I was not saying all progressives or all babblers are rapists or mysogynists but because I left out the word "some" you will jump all over me for it. 

(Some of) you are pissed off at the world and you don't really believe there is any hope of changing Canada short of complete collapse so you aim your anger and bitterness at me.

It's an excuse to suggest people don't use this message board because it's not what younger people do. There are plenty of posters on Huff post and other platforms. There is a huge movement fighting the oil industry. Occupy was proof of concept. People are ready to rebel but some of you don't really believe that so you think the best we can hope for is to nibble at the edges.

(Some of) you devote yourselves to a mainstream party and pretend it's revolutionary so behave as though anyone who votes Liberal, even just for one election, is below you on the "progressive" scale. That may have been true at one time but it isn't any more.


Enough of this crap. Closing.


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