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I think I speak for most here when I say that just because I'm an ardent critic of Israel who recognizes its Apartheid of the Palestinian people,doesn't make me an anti-semite or hostile to those of the jewish faith who feels an affiliation with Israel...No matter how hard fundamentalist Zioniosts would want the world to believe.


who ever said you were?


I've seen Itcush in action.

He would probably be a lot more interested in discussing First Nations issues and labor issues than the Middle East.  Some in his community would consider him too critical of Israel.  In some of the orgs that he's in he probably is a good counterbalance.  He usually tries to get whatever contituency that he's dealing with to see the other side. He's been very critical of settlement policies, etc.  I think he is connected with Peace Now and leans to the Merretz side of things.

He does support Israel, but he spends a lot of time trying get people to accept the creation of a Palestinian state.  I've seen him equally comfortable with Moslems as Jews.  The NDP probably sees him as pretty reputable.

Its kindof weird that his guts are being shredded on this thread.  He seems to bring people together,  I guess that won't be enough for some people on either side of the big argument.


Thank for you Elvi for telling us those things about Jeff Itcush. Now I hope that the people mindlessly leading a witch hunt against him will hang their heads in shame.


I went to see what was going on at his nomination.  He was taliking about youth employment and about Tamil refugees and the environment.    It was standing room only. The crowd was diverse, with a lot of young people signing volunteer lists and taking pictures.

I think the NDP needs this.  If I an manage it, I'll probably work for him.  I'd be intersted in people's opinions who've met him.  Just my two bits. 


Cueball wrote:

Anyway, you're the guy who tried to argue that Syria never recognized UN resolution 242, then backtracked and rewrote your post when you were corrected on this detail, in order to make it appear like you knew what you were talking about.

I never duplicitously re-wrote a post. What I said was that Syria did not recognize Resolution 242 after the '67 war, when Israel and other Arab countries did. Syria recognized Resolution 242 after the Yom Kippur War in 1973 after their attempt to defeat Israel in a surprise attack failed.

The PLO didn't recognize Resolution 242 until 1993.


Cueball wrote:

And I'll correct you on a point here, since you have decided to slander the Lebanese people in your insufferable efforts to defend the racist policies of Israel. Lebanon never expelled or encouraged any Jews to leave Lebanon. Nor was there any particular law that forbade Jewish or any other immigration to Lebanon.

Why have so many Jews left Lebanon to the point that all the Jews in Lebanon today could probably fit into the auditorium at Mr. Itcush's high school?  If Lebanon is such a wonderful place for Jews, why have almost all Jewish Lebanese left Lebanon?



*Hangs head in exasperation*

just because someone is Jewish and feels some "affiliation" with Israel

I haven't gone through this thread with a fine-tooth comb, but I think you're the only one who has commented on Itcush's religion.  And you have affiliation in quotes. Where did Itcush say that? Here is what he said in the article posted at the top of the thread:

... the party has recruited somebody who is unabashedly supporting Israel, which I have demonstrated all my life.


And as was pointed out at post #36:

As the Canadian Jewish News article points out, NDP candidate Itcush is a director of the Canadian Jewish Congress. According to the Government of Canada registry of lobbyists, the Canadian Jewish Congress is a registered lobby group which operates under the direction of the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, whose website states that its mandate includes directing strategies for increasing support for Israel.

Is this the Israel Itcush supports:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/mar/23/israel-gaza-war-crimes-guardian ?

Or is it this: http://www.culturesofresistance.org/gaza-freedom-flotilla

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When I read about some of the crimes unearthed that the Israeli army is alleged to have committed and then I read any line including 'suppport Israel',I naturally think about apartheid,oppression and genocide.

If this Guardian arcticle is true (I'm not doubting it much - if at all - because it's par for the course of other disgusting acts I have read involving the Israeli military) this is the story that should be front and centre on any and every news show and/or channel.

Instead we get headlines about drunk celebrities,arrested heiresses,cretinous politicos posing for pictures and nothing but talk about the economy (in the mess its in thanks to the very businesses governments keep throwing money at AND the bottom line is the bottom line---profits...There's no 'money' being lost,just profits)

Basically,this ends up boiled down to another thread about how the media doesn't report 'news' but just broadcasts ideas and spin to fit an agenda.

This is the type of thing presidents and prime ministers should be at the very least publicly condemning with a hard line intolerance.

Not to sound cynical but maybe if the Palestinians had money someone would stand up and scream.

Mind you,the rampant and venomous collection of open hatred and bigotry growing stronger against Islam in our wonderful Western world has probably made Islamophobia a populist movement.


Who else here has met Itcush?  I'd like to hear from them.

As for his relationship with the Congres juif quebecois, he has the right as somebody of his cultural community to try to influence one of the bodies recognized as his community's representative.  He can probably do that better from the inside.  I feel good knowing that somone like him can speak from that perspective. 

When the CCF had a eugenics policy, I'm glad some stayed on with the party until things changed.  Itcush has gone out on the limb, when it wasn't fashionable on issues like LGBT rights and will be a tough debater against Tories and Libs. 

At his nomination, the mayor of one of the municipalities in the riding showed-up along with representatives from a bunch of cultural communities.  How often does that happen with The NDP in Quebec.  I'd like to see him at a press conference sitting beside Samira Laouni.  He'd probably do it, knowing him.  I like.

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BTW, for those who do not know, science has recently proved, the chicken came first.

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