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Gary Doer was a very popular premier, He polled around what... 80% approval? Politicians would die for such a rating. I'd say he was successful in the eyes of Manitobans. You know beforehand there were workers falling to their deaths due to lack of legislation, etc etc etc. And something else that was mentioned as I browsed through the comments, raising taxes on the rich might be a popular thing, if its presented properly.

Anyways, some junky articles...

Brian Topp Article, Peggy Nash's countdown on her website!, Nash Story, Ndp Leadership article, Dewar Article

And finally, here's a good article about Peggy Nash 


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The wrath of Malcolm. Don't tell him I'm back.

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 What percentage of union households traditionally vote NDP? What percentage of rank and file union members are NDP members? If I recall, Mulcair has said before he'd rather connect with the rank and file of labour. Often, it's the union leadership we have in support of the party.

That is totally irelevant to the point OO is making [post60], to which you are supposedly responding. She opens saying the problem is not at all about what Mulcair said or thinks about unions and the NDP.

OO said we need all hands on deck. I'm assuming that means labour. My point is that we really don't have all hands on deck to begin with as we should.


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