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mark_alfred wrote:

Actually, given that the Globe and Mail officially endorsed Mulcair ...

I checked this, and in fact I'm wrong.  It wasn't a Globe endorsement, it was an endorsement from one of their columnists, Lawrence Martin.

Gaian wrote:
I took that as recognition that he was most versed in national economics, m_a, not an endorsement. 
  It was an endorsement, but anyway, I was just pointing it out because I think we likely should just accept endorsements as is, rather than second-guessing them.  The Star (or a columnist) endorsed Topp, and sure, I could say, well, the Star LOVES the Liberals, so they're only endorsing Topp because that will help the Liberals.  But, well, perhaps they simply think Topp is the best choice, in the same way that Martin of the Globe thinks Mulcair is the best choice, and that Coyne thinks Nash would be the best choice.

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Gaian wrote:
But neither is the newspaper a friend of Stephen Harper. Not by a long shot. That's National Post territory.

Soo, I've got some "good" land I need to sell.


mark_alfred wrote:

Agreed.  Mulcair has always seemed impressive to me.  I do wonder though what the rush was of Broadbent and Romanow to find an alternative in Topp.  Any ideas?

This seems to be Topp's cross to bear in the race.

There is this wide spread presumption that Topp is in there to stop Mulcair. Either that HE is in largely for that reason, and/or that he was 'pressed into duty' ["Why not you Brain"?] by the big shots for that reason.

There is no basis for that other than being a reasonable SUSPICION. But if reason was all that was involved- there is, or should be, stacked against that mere suspicion, the common sense that you know, running for Leader is hard.... and what is the most likely reason people would do that?

And Topp's earliest big supporters [Broadbent, Romanow, and Libby Davies] he has long standing close relations with. You dont suppose that, and the estimation of him they have developed over time, might have something to do with them wanting to support him to be Leader? What a novel idea.

The persistence of this narrative of Topp being put up to it must mean there is some kind of whisper campaign out there.

[Thats to some extent an in-joke, or earlier discussion here. But only partly tongue in cheek.]


I did not mean to post in this bloated thread, but I'll leave it here.

If you want to pick it up, don't reply/add in this thread. I'm sorry I brought it back into view.

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Polunatic2 wrote:


Its just hard to imagine Canadian voters ever catching "Peggymania".

Or Harpermania for that matter. 

Harper's approach ("Nothing to see here, folks") is a proven winner for incumbants. Its just my feeling but I believe the NDP is going nowhere if we elect a leader who is unable to generate excitement and passion for change.


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