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I don't think we should start jumping to conclusions based on a Sun Media reporters spin on what Cullen said. If Cullen said that ANY referendum vote in Quebec is the start of what would be a very long, painful, convulated process of disengagement between Canada and Quebec - then I'm not sure what the problem is - its a very self-evident fact. If I was married i would acknowldege that my husband or wife had total right to self-determiantion and could get a divorce if they wanted one - but that does not mean that i would not hire the best family lwyer in town and fight tooth and nail every step of the way to get a fair settlement in the division of assets - and it would probaby not be pretty.


btw Unionist - do you believe that the Cree people have a right to self-determination? and if so, what happens if they overwhelmingly reject being part of an independent Quebec? what then?


Just to clarify, I don't believe the jury is back on either Nathan Cullen or Roméo Saganash when it comes to their stand on the right of Québec to self-determination. I give them both the benefit of the doubt and I'm quite sure neither of them would stand up and say that Canada has a veto on Québec's right to leave after a successful 50%+1 referendum. The Star article meant nothing so far as I'm concerned.

What concerns me far more is the obvious widespread opposition to, and in many cases straight-out ignorance of, the official stand taken by the party, on the part of NDP supporters. The NDP hasn't helped matters much by keeping the whole thing virtually secret - Pierre Ducasse seems to be the sole Party source for the document in English anyway.


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Edited to add: Saganash was misquoted originally. I know his clarification didn't necessarily add much, if any, light. I bet my life that his platform as outlined in the platform will be much more satisfactory, or I just don't understand anything.

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Totally fair about the very positive, super-pro-business piece about Cullen with the weird Quebec thing at the end, and I am all ears for clarifiction. It's not like corporate media doesn't get it wrong. But I also see Cullen supporters tweeting about it very positively. And NDPers expressing support for the gist.

And I heard Cullen with my own ears basically say he doesn't trust the grassroots in Quebec to forge its own way, even if it does want to take him up on his very own cooperation plan. That part was spin-free.

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