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How do you compose a substantive response to something so blatantly made-up? Prove that we weren't created by a flying spaghetti monster.


Life, the unive...

derrick wrote:

@Charles Yes, attacking your fellow deputy party leader via the National Post does make you someone who attacks the left in caucus. And, ok, I should have written 'someone who has a record of governing as a centre-right liberal,' to be precise. Still, I think I have 'done my research' and so there's no need for the hyperbolic adjective-bombing. If you have a substantive response to my piece's arguments I'm all ears.  

How can there be a substantive response to what amounts to a childish puff piece.  Pretty language doesn't make something substantive.


Megan Leslie says Tom is ready to lead tomorrow and says his intro is perfect :)


nicky wrote:

A brief update from the convention floor.

Cullen unexpectedly fat but well received, esp when he decried litmus test.


Too many fundraising dinners? Laughing

Life, the unive...

Seeing people on twitter complaining about Mulcair being drummed in as this is some kind of Liberal/ego thing.  Wasn't Andrea Horwath drummed in at the Ontario convention.  I sort of remember someone saying that at the time- in a positive way.  Does that mean Horwath is some evil centrist?  Sure didn't sound like it at the opening.


I wouldn't take the comments on twitter *too* seriously. You'll see some hyper partisan stuff from a small group, and it has a way of sticking out from the majority who don't especially care.

Thought Mulcair did a very competent job. Nothing that made me want to get off my chair and cheer, but enough to make me confident that he'd do a good job as leader.

I actually found Topp and Cullen did the best job of exciting me thus far, and I welcome the depth of talent among our candidates.

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