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Brian Glennie

Hunky_Monkey wrote:
Brian Glennie wrote:

Try as I might, I find it tough to get over what Mulcair did to Libby. I'd sure appreciate it if one of his supporters here could speak to what is, to me, one of the real low points in NDP history.

Maybe the low point was Jack Layton calling the Israeli Ambassador to apologize for her comments? This has been chatted about at length is previous threads.

Yeah, that Layton guy was quite the albatross, wasn't he?

Mulcair is in tough if he can't get beyond people's perception that he's a backstabber. Comments like your's sure aren't going to help him do that.


Brian Glennie wrote:
Comments like your's sure aren't going to help him do that.

Comments related to his comments?  Yeah, I don't know why people have to keep dredging things up.  It's not very helpful you're right.

Ken Burch

I don't think the point of that comment was to diss Jack Layton, though.

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oops - didn't realize there was an active polling thread!

(I just got the Nanos/CTV/Globe poll by email this morning - three days after KenS posted it in the polling thread)


...aaand Boom Boom gets the last word as I close for length. Have to say though, this was one of the better ones.


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