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"Re: Kenora, I wonder if racism played a role as the NDP candidate was a FN woman."

You mean it would be racist if First Nation peoples in the riding voted disproportionately for the NDP candidate just because she was FN?


I think its obvious he is referring to how well the Conservative candidate did in white communities.

This is a common dynamic in the West where a sufficiently large proportion of the population is FN, and when the Liberal and/or NDP candidates are FN [as is frequently, if not mostly, the case].

My observation from having lived in the situation in both BC and NS is that the same thing would happen here if the reserves were as large. The closer you are to a substantial FN community in NS, the more it feels just like I lived with in BC. But since the FN communities here are smaller the 'orbit' of that racism effect is also smaller... far too small to have the same effect on a whole federal riding: and as far as I can see, even too small to have the same effect on the provincial ridings that are 4 to 5 times smaller.


From what I've heard in Churchill and Western Arctic, the NDP tends to do better among the white population while the Liberals tend to win the FN reserves - thanks to the usual Liberal tactic of "hey chief give us xx number of votes or INAC will never pave another road in this community".


And a footnote on these ridings with large FN populations: turnout means absolutely EVERYTHING to the prospects of the NDP candidate.

The big improvements in advance polling over the last few elections are a huge opportunity we have not systematically tapped. I've done it on a one-off basis. It ain't rocket science. Volunteer drivers is one of the easiest things to get in a campaign. So you line up your drivers, and when you call households in the FN communities you don't bother with voter identification. It's, "we'll take you down to the advance poll, right now."

This should be systemitized across the country where there are concentrations of predominately NDP oriented non-voters.


This is getting to be a long thread, but since someone higher up asked about Taras Natyshak in Essex, I thought a nice way to end it might be to include his recent Facebook update from yesterday:


Press conferance at the unemployed Help Centre 2:00pm. Meet with the group SOS CBEF to discuss French language local programming in Windsor/Essex 3:30 pm. Meeting with local environmentalist Jim Brophy on industrial usage of asbestos 4:30pm. Fundraising dinner with Thomas Mulcair MP for Outremont 6:00pm. Hit the gym at 11:00pm Having the honor of being a part of a great and productive day...Priceless!!!

Now *that's* how to do pre-election work!  Bravo Taras.  Go get 'em.


ottawaobserver wrote:

Taras comes from a long-time NDP family in that area, and was raised right, if you know what I mean (Saskatchewan roots, too!).  After 2 elections he has already bested former candidate, teacher David Tremblay's 2004 performance in vote share.  I'm not sure what would be gained from replacing him now.  The Liberals on the other hand face the choice of either running Susan Whelan again as a 4-time loser former M.P., or replacing her with a new candidate.  This as I'm almost certain Conservative Jeff Watson's vote is about to drop off.  Taras is out and about in the community all the time now.  I hope he gives it another try.

I don't think Susan Whelan will be running again - her time is probably over now and her performance in the last couple of elections has not been strong.  The most exciting thing that happened to her last year was a visit from Justin Trudeau during the election, but it simply highlighted the charisma gap between her and the new generation of up and comers like Trudeau.

From what I have heard, she has lost the fire to run again.


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