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Benoit wrote:

The World could have avoided I think the present financial mess by adopting then the alternate plan, the one that was proposed in Britton Woods by the British.

Yes, Keynes did save the world, if only for a few decades. And not only that, I think any rework of an international monetary agreement must include:

• The taming of financial markets – through the re-introduction of capital controls; restraints in the growth of credit; and the establishment of a Keynesian international clearing agency;

• "Upsizing" the state – empowering governments to respond to democratic mandates by wresting power over decision-making from unaccountable financial markets, and restoring policy autonomy to elected governments;

• "Downsizing" the single global market – by introducing an international trading system based on the concept of "appropriate scale".


And lo and behold, it appears that Ann Pettifor supports an exact same plan to save the world.


Benoit wrote:

While you wait for me to synthesize three thousands years of political experiences, I will dare adding one more book to your reading list:

Sorry, but even though I don't mind sitting down with a good book, I'm not going to read every book every yahoo on the internet tells me to.  I just don't have the time.

And I do agree that we should be drastically reducing our working hours for a variety of reasons, but there is a lot of stuff that still has to get done in order for society to function, and people will still have to work.  We can endeavour to make work hours shorter and reduce or eliminate feelings of alienation, and we can reorganize work on a model of self-management as opposed to capitalism, but there is still going to be some shit that needs to get done (unless maybe you are some kind of primitivist).


a lonely worker wrote:

Finding so called "leftists" who criticise Castro is as easy as finding neo-libs who parise tax cuts.  It seems virtually everyone on the so called Canadian left does nothing but find fault with Cuba. Even when Cuba has been hit by 3 major hurrincanes this year, leaders of our "left" are silent about our nation's pathetic aid for fear of a right wing backlash.

Fortunately others who don't mask or apologise for their leftist views have no problem in seeing the incredibly important role the Cuban Revolution has played in empowering movements across Latin America and the "developing" world.

I'm not sure it is quite as simple as saying essentially "if you don't like Castro, you aren't a leftist".  I know there are quite a few, who although they give him credit for some of the amazing things going on in Cuba, still have criticisms of him for a variety of reasons.  For example, anarchists have a lot of criticisms of (the real) Fidel.  It would be incorrect to state that all leftists are supportive of Castro, or that support of Castro is some sort of litmus test to being a "real leftist"

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The best solution to the econocrash I've seen is this.



Jacob Two-Two wrote:

I ask you again, how do you define work? 


Work is something produced or accomplished by effort, exertion, or exercise of skill.



Here's another shocking word: closed.


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