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Dear Commentators,

As a founding member of TYND, who also happens to be a supporter of Fightback, I was happy to see the recent undemocratic actions of ONDY executive has sparked such a lively debate here with reffrences to the past and a healthy discussion about whether NDP is the party that socialists should be a member of, about the future and past of NDP and et cet.

The amount of dishonest, untrue posts here does not discourage me if only for repeated heart-warming comments that are inspired by how much "nerves" we, the socialist youth in the Ontario NDP and founders of TYND, got. Just to put the record straight:

1- NDP hasn't "purged" TYND or Fightback supporters or anybody else. Please don't escalate things without responsiblity. All that has happened is a few youth on ONDY exec voted to de-charter TYND. That decision will be put to the membership in the coming ONDY convention in Hamilton (5-7 November) and I have reasons to doubt it will stand when people can actually see us. It should also be noted that, as an objective fact, TYND actually does NOT consist mostly of Fightback supporters. They are mostly kids who just got into politics from neighberhoouds such as The Esplanade, Lawrence Heights, St. James Town. places where these ONDY burucrats would probably not even dare visit, let alone organized. Also it should be noted the diversity of us that means ONDY is no more a "white male" club.

2- Fightback has written on municipal elections: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=133191370062816 and TYND has organzied canvassses for Pantalone: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=133191370062816 We support Joe and NDP, working-class candidates against the candidates of the bosses.

And final message to every genuine NDP supporter, Come on to Hamilton and see for yourself! If you are under 26, get active with ONDY again and if not come and observe and have fun.

aka Mycroft

The statements from the ONDY executive suggest the impetus for the move against TYND and/or Fightback is coming from the Provincial Executive and Provincial Office. If so, it's likely that if the dechartering decision is overturned at the ONDY convention (and particularly if the pro-TYND slate wins election), that won't be the end of it and the Provincial Executive could move to either remove TYND or expel Fightback supporters. While it's been about 20 years since the NDP has regularly expelled Trotskyists, Barry Weisleder's post 1995 expulsion notwithstanding, that is certainly not an option that can be ruled out. In fact, given that 2011 is a provincial election year I suspect the provincial executive is quite skittish at the prospect of "reds under the bed" articles in the press and that Fightback's growing visibility and assertiveness has gotten Richmond Street's attention.

George Victor

Gosh, can it be that some youth members do not care about the press that the ONDP receives? 

aka Mycroft

I think it depends on the youth members. NDYs (and indeed any party's youth wing, particularly on the right or left of the political spectrum) are usually made up of two elements, bureaucrats-in-waiting who are very sensitive to every grunt and snort coming from provincial office and true believers who want the youth wing to stand for something and lead the party in a certain direction.

George Victor

But do they read the newspapers the next day and try to understand their effect as albatrosses?  They can't believe that the average citizen is going to follow them into the streets! Surely the people who do the grunt work cannot be expected to stand by while  those tender young minds do a number on them?   Surely members of organized labour, the most conservative faction within  NDP ranks, can be kept in mind...even while visions of workers at the barricades dance in their heads?

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Those damn pawns all want to reach the end of the board and become kings.  I suggest the King and Queen sacrifice them quick before they have to share power.


2- Fightback has written on municipal elections: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=133191370062816 and TYND has organzied canvassses for Pantalone:http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=133191370062816 We support Joe and NDP, working-class candidates against the candidates of the bosses. 

Glad to hear that. Thanks for clarifying. 

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