NDP Second in PEI poll for First Time in History

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NDP Second in PEI poll for First Time in History

The provincial NDP are in second place for the first time in history in PEI according to a new CRA poll. The NDP has 26% (+4%) while the Cons have fallen to 16% (-12%). The Liberals still have a commanding lead at 51%. Mick Redmond (NDP) has risen from 15% to 18% while Steven Myers has fallen to 7% single digits. Redmond feels that the NDP growth is due to the organizing of NDP riding associations for the first time. 

CRA CEO Don Mills notes that "This is maybe the start of a real, true three-party jurisdiction.(The NDP) certainly seem to be a credible force now in P.E.I. They’re certainly poised to elect someone with these numbers.”


I think that the unpopularity of the UI rule changes in the Atlantic region at the federal level could also be affecting provincial PC popularity and may be indicative of further federal Con drops of popularity in the region and in Quebec where seasonal employment is an important part of the economy. 

David Young

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