NDP Supports Banning Huawei But Promotes TikTok

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Mighty Middle
NDP Supports Banning Huawei But Promotes TikTok

TikTok is controlled by the Chinese Government and by law all of the TikTok users data is handed over to the Chinese Government. That is the law in China.

So how can the NDP support Banning Huawei in Canada, but promotes the use of TikTok? When both companies are doing the same thing as they hand over users information to the Chinese Government?



Does the Chinese government have access to TikTok data


"In brief the answer is no..."

ps There is no known evidence that Huawei has ever shared espionage or stolen users data and given it to China. And have you even seen what's on TikTok? How depressing after Assange, Snowden and others laid out the vastly superior Western global and domestic surveillance technologies known to be used against us, we are still wasting time chasing our tails over 'threats' by China or Russia. As for the NDP,  it's become not much more than a bad joke on us and perhaps thinks there's a vote or two to be had jumping in its usual half-assed manner on this imperialist bandwagon too.