NDP Wants To Pay Down $7 Million Campaign Debt By End Of 2020

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Mighty Middle
NDP Wants To Pay Down $7 Million Campaign Debt By End Of 2020

The NDP has set an ambitious goal of paying down the $7 million of its remaining election debt by the end of the year — so it won't be caught financially flat-footed in the event of a sudden election.

"It's no secret in the last campaign we had some financial pressures," NDP National Director Anne McGrath said. "We didn't have the money that we needed to run the campaign that we wanted to run."

McGrath said the party borrowed $10 million and spent $11 million during the 2019 campaign. The party has a $7 million balance remaining, she said.

"We want to go into the next campaign with our campaign debt retired and having raised enough money to run a competitive campaign," McGrath said. "And to go toe to toe with the other candidates."


UPDATE - Elections Alberta has released fundraising totals for that province & the provincial Alberta NDP collected more than $5.5 million from 21,000 Albertans in 2019.



Good luck with that. I don't think it's possible for the party to sqeeze $7,000,000 out of its members this year.