NDP's Quebec strategy getting noticed in the media

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Wilf Day

Anonymouse wrote:

The NPD's candidate in Riviere du Nord sounds pumped. The NDP finished second there in 2008.

"As for the Bloc, you don't score goals by staying on the bench!"


NDP gains on Bloc turf add tension to Layton-Duceppe rivalry

I think the analysis is kind of off in this article, but it's still nice to see the NDP continue to get attention in/on Québec. For federalist, progressive, anglophone babblers claiming they will vote BQ: What more do you need from the NDP to actually vote for them? Boom Boom has an actual QUALITY candidate. Unionist lives in Mulcair's riding. What does the NDP need to do to win your vote? Walk on water? Have Layton die and ressurect himself and continue fighting Harper in the Conservative heartlands of the West?


Whatever it is that he's doing, it's working for the NPD.

Anonymouse wrote:

I get the sense he is spending time in Outremont these days after having made a trip to the Saguenay region for the announcement of three candidates.


In the debate tonight, Duceppe will probably say again that only the BQ can stop/fight the Conservatives, but that's completely incorrect. Duceppe can't defeat Harper in Alberta, in rural BC, in the prairies, in rural Ontario, and in francophone and non-francophone pockets of the maritimes. Only Layton can do that. Only Layton is taking the battle over Quebeckers values deep into the Conservative heartland. This is analogous to Quebeckers own battles for their social gains and social rights against the corrupt and repressive regime of Duplessis. If Quebeckers grant a voice to Layton, Layton will grant Quebeckers a voice across confederation and inevitably in government.


Mulcair was in Quebec City blasting the Conservatives. I believe Layton will be dropping by there later this week. 


Remember something, people: for the first time in history, of all the federalist leaders, it's the NDP leader with the clear Quebec-background advantage.  Come e-day, that could mean a lot...


Very positive editorial about the NDP in the Journal de Montreal.


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