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Wow I thought Pat MArtin would have been in the front row


Malcolm wrote:

Krago wrote:

The back row?  Nine women.  Nineteen Quebecois (out of 19).


Mostly a function of seniority, I expect - although why all women escapes me.

Not all women; I counted at least three men (Larose, Lapointe, and Dusseault).


The really weird thing about the back row?  Three of the NDP Morins are not only there, but beside each other.

David Young

David Young wrote:

Stoffer, Ashton, Christopherson, Duncan, Julien, Laverdiere, Harris, Crowder, Angus, Chow, Layton, Mulcair, Libby Davies, Comartin, Mathyssen, Martin, Charlton, Masse, Turmel, Dewar, Nash.

An impressive front bench if I do say so myself!

Let's see who's in the Front Bench:

Allen, Christopherson, Stoffer, Boivin, Godin, Chow, Dewar, Jack Harris, Comartin, Mulcair, Layton, Libby Davies, Nash, Julian, Chisholm, Boulerice, Crowder, Angus, Duncan, Perreault, Don Davies.

I didn't figure on Allen, Boivin, Chisholm, Boulerice, Perreault or Don Davies being picked, so I had 15 of 21 right.

Seven of 21 are female; I thought that it might be a little higher than 1/3.

Only four from Quebec; I thought that there would be more.

Nevertheless, quite an impressive Front Bench indeed.



Double post.


Hmm, looking at that seating plan, I see the Tories have Anders, Goldring, Vellacott and Gallant all sitting next to each other in the second row.

Talk about a Rogue's Gallery.

On the Liberal side, Hedy Fry makes the front bench but Stephane Dion doesn't. For some bizzare reason, Kevin Lamoureux is in the second row ahead of people elected in the 1990s, and David McGuinty has been banished to the back row.


The NDP just put out two press releases. One on nominees to be chairs and vice-chairs of parliamentary committees

and another on all the Deputy and Associate Critics


Krago wrote:

Here's the new House of Commons seating plan.

Thanks. Now all I have to do is look for Rafferty's silver mane at QP, and look one seat back, there's my guy.


BTW: That still leaves a number of MPs with no role yet and my understanding is that every NDP Mps will have an assignment of some sort - so there will probably still be more announcements.


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