Now is a good time for an NDP-Green Party

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Lord Palmerston wrote:
Well said.  I urge people to read Joel Kovel's The Enemy of Nature if they want to hear about eco-socialism.

... and a "philosophical interlude" on Heidigger...

Lord Palmerston

The NDP is the most critical of the Tar Patch.

George Victor

Bless you.

Lord Palmerston

With Ignatieff being less of a "green" Liberal, it will be interesting to see how "green" Green voters are.  Will the Liberals who defected to the Greens in '08 stay there in protest of Iggy, or were they only there because they too wanted to vote against Dion and thought the Greens fit their "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" views best?


"The NDP is the most critical of the Tar Patch". Well that's another surprise.

Of course the NDP requires markets, the NDP would not exist without markets. It is the Origins of Socialism to control and regulate markets to prevent harm to people and their environments. To takeover production if necessary.   The NDP have been unable to educate the younger generation of the dangers of the free market and globalization. Ofcourse the public is getting a good taste of free markets in 08 and 09.  Now would be a good time to engage the youth.

The Green Party, hitches a ride on the free market. 

The Green Party would be better off to merge with the Liberals or the Conservatives or just stay where they are then try to engage the NDP in a merger of sorts.

People who are Green Party voters or swing voters are likely to move back to their respective parties when those parties have a chance to win a seat or government.  Then their idealogical background will be supported by their environmental choice.

I think it is pretty telling that the Green Party just had a convention and only 200 people attended. That is dismal to say the least. Perhaps the reason for this thread.

The environment is a big issue at every election, but the two  environmental parties do not carry alot of weight come election time. That means the environment is on peoples minds but they will vote Conservative or Liberal before selecting NDP or GP. Just as people will vote Conservative and Liberal when Health Care is the #1 issue, even though the NDP is the strongest defender of health care.

The NDP are a Green Party. And  having seen George Victor draw out an answer (Very Persistant) it is clear that the NDP has the Green Parties number on a variety of environmental issues. 

The Green Party are an environmental Party without a track record.

What I have observed is their ability to surrender the environment as they get closer to a seat.

And today, the GP are a far cry from what I remember them. They used to be really cool people to hang out with. Reefers without the madness.Cool

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[quote=madmaxI think it is pretty telling that the Green Party just had a convention and only 200 people attended. That is dismal to say the least. Perhaps the reason for this thread.[/quote]

Had not thought of the extention of this minute number being the reason for this proposal. Say nothing of the fact, that that 200 apparently were loclas and not a national representation.

Further to this was mention, on a Green Blog that KenS linked to in the May thread, is that there would be no support from Green Party organizers, for a EMay run in a New West by-election. Apparently they are feeling burned by EMay, over the election campaign "vote other" issues, and the party transfer of 80k to EMay, essentially, thereby basically defunding the national campaign for the party.