Occupy with Video - I do

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Occupy with Video - I do

On 20Mar2012 we had a Food Sovereignty meeting in Oliver.


The most damning of the 50 Two minute clips was #47 where our representative said that the Lobbyist from Crop Life would rather that the motion on the floor not be debated.



here is the complete playlist

Lobbyist (Crop LIfe) doesn't want motion debated. What's the name of this lady

- By Bahram Maskanian

Treason is a betrayal of trust and confidence of a nation, by the elites, governing body, legislative and judicial branches of government disloyal work and behavior, mandating and ruling completely against the will of the people and against the well being of the nation and public at large. Treason is the reckless, criminal and greedy behavior of a few, in constant pursuit of undeserved wealth and power, knowingly ruining the lives, property and well being of millions of innocent people.

Treason is a criminal act of highest order, a violation of allegiance towards one's country, people and sovereignty. - Treason is the betrayal of Mother Nature, one's Motherland and people by waging political, economic, environmental, social, cultural and ideological war against the people in order to consciously and purposely aid the domestic and or foreign enemies of the nation to plunder, control and manipulate the wealth of nation, domestic and foreign policies and well being of the state.

Treason is a criminal act that manifests itself in a variety of different shapes and forms, such as, but not limited to: religious mullahs, businessmen, lobbyists, special interest, congressmen, politicians, economists, members of academia, corporate media talking heads, etc, all of whom are masquerading as deeply caring, even though we all know it is only a show, a performance, a make believe, and yet, we are all fooled from time to time and fall for their shameless treasonous lobbyist act.

"Treason is a strong word, but not too strong, rather too weak, to characterize the situation in which the U.S. Senate is the eager, resourceful, indefatigable agent of interests as hostile to the American people as any invading army could be..."
Said The American Journalist: David Graham Phillips 1906

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