An Open Letter To Conservative Members And Supporters

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An Open Letter To Conservative Members And Supporters

I wish to acknowledge and respect the role that
the Conservative Party has played throughout Canadian history, and
Conservative governments have achieved things that I, as one who does
not support the Conservatives, believe are very important for Canada.
The government which ushered in Confederation was a Conservative
government led by John A. McDonald. It was under his leadership that
Confederation expanded to both coasts and the railways were built,
forging the important links that were vital in Canada coming together.
Richard Bennett gave Canada the CBC, which is vital in terms of forging
a unique Canadian identity. John Diefenbaker, who won one of the
biggest majorities in Canadian history, gave Canada the Bill of Rights.
Even though Brian Mulroney was the most hated Prime Minister in
Canadian history, his government showed leadership on aparthied in
South Africa, the famine in Ethiopia, and it was under his watch that
negotiations which brought about the territory of Nunavut happened.

The Conservative Party in its current incarnation has turned its
back on these achievements, and has instead been taken over by
mean-spirited, prejudiced individuals who have demonstrated their
willingness to go to any length for personal gain, even if it means
trampling on the Constitution or dividing an entire country. A true
leader facing the crisis we are currently seeing would reach out to
opponents and search for common ground. Instead, Conservative opponents
have been subjected to slander and insults, with terms like
"separatist" and "socialist" being thrown around as a means of
discrediting them. This only serves to further divide people against
one another, and is right out of the Republican playbook and has
poisoned political discourse in the US for decades. Just over one month
ago, our good neighbours to the south resoundingly rejected this style
of politics, with even moderate Republicans turning their backs on
their own party.

So why do you continue to support the Conservatives after all of
this? Are you all sexist, racist, homophobic individuals who hate
everyone who is not like you? I do not believe this is a fair
description of your voting intentions, any more than I believe that
left-leaning Canadians hate Canada and support terrorists and criminals
who threaten Canadian security. I have friends who support the
Conservatives, as I am sure you have friends who do not. I want to give
you the benefit of the doubt, and suggest that your reason for
supporting the Conservatives is the same reason why I do not:
fundamental differences in our worldview. This is what democracy is all
about, coming together with our different viewpoints, and finding good
solutions to the challenges we all face collectively. I will not ask
you to abandon your principles, but I call on the Conservative party to
reject the behaviour described above that is characteristic of Harper's
leadership, and to come back to the table in a spirit of humility and