Open letter to Tom Mulcair on the TPP

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Open letter to Tom Mulcair on the TPP

Open Letter to Tom Mulcair on the TPP

Dear Mr. Muclair:

It is blazingly obvious the present government is going to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership once it returns to Parliament in two years time.  Where it is clearly unwilling to lead, it is being led by powerful neo-liberal/ corporatist forces that want this deal ratified.

 There is a compelling body of evidence that condemns the TPP as being damaging to any country that signs it. It is an expansion of existing deals and seeks to further lock down and further control national economies.

As we sit idly by this predatory form of capitalism becomes more and more entrenched.

Where government fails to act citizens must seize the agenda.  We must force a national referendum on the TPP no later than June 30, 2017.

To force this referendum is going to take a concerted effort by a lot of people and groups led by determined political leadership.

In 1992 we held a national referendum on the Charlottetown Accord where important constitutional issues were resolved in our country’s favor. Now in 2016 we face another constitutional crisis that must be addressed.

I dearly hope you and the NDP can lead the way in forcing a binding national referendum on the TPP.


Robert Billyard