Opinions Needed for Master's Thesis

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Opinions Needed for Master's Thesis

Hi Everyone,

I am focusing my Master's Thesis on the new 'Gender Studies" that was approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2009. The curriculum review website has been dismantled and the initial draft is not online. Does anyone have any updates on its institutionalization process? I am a Ms. G supporter and am making an interlocking and intersectional queer feminist analysis on the way the Ministry 'translates' the what the Ms. G had proposed. Do you think it will still be rooted in feminism? Will it be "depoliticized"? Is anyone else worried that ANYONE teacher can teach this and there is NO extra training/certification in teacher's colleges in Ontario? OR IS IT JUST MEEEE? I am working towards teaching this in secondary schools after I get my PhD, but for the time being, I am "keeping my eye on domination" (Razack, 1999),as it becomes institutionalized. Ivory tower, imperialist politics at the secondary level? I fear it might come to that....

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