Oppose Canadian military mission in Ukraine!

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This academic and the institution he represents, along with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, constitute important voices of the ultranationalist lobby, which Canadian politicians have almost exclusively relied upon in determining their Ukraine policies.

I know, even if he apparently does not, that the NDP is as in line with this lobby and its policy objectives, as either the Liberals or Conservatives. In matters of Ukraine, NDP = No Difference Party.

Ukraine is a disaster and Canada helped create the fiasco.

Canadian 'progressives' have largely gone along with all of it.


Not sure exactly what your point is. You mean the University of Alberta? The University of Toronto?

Gee, did they put out a press release backing Harper?

For that matter, did the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (which is an association of various groups) take an official stand backing Harper? I don't see one:


And if that were the case I think there would be quite a few pissed off people here in Saskatchewan, for sure.

Though it would be kind of funny that the current release on the top of their mainpage is Tom Mulcair's congratulations on Independence Day.

Sorry to bust the conspiracy, but one academic saying he doesn't like the NDP isn't a plot, certainly not if the institutions you claim he represents haven't taken the same political stand.I think if you ask around you might find one or two academics willing to say they don't like Stephen Harper's policies. That doesn't make their institutions or associations partisan.



Talking past each other makes it hard to talk about the issues.



I hear you k, and thanks. I was asking a pretty direct question, and a straight answer might be nice:

Although this fellow with a degree and a webcam thinks the NDP is not the best choice, have either of his institutions: the U of A or U of T, or for that matter the Ukrainian Canadian Congress declared in favour of any of the parties? I don't think so.

For that matter, have any of the parties come out against the government in Kiev and in favour of the rebels? I don't think so. So while NDPP might want to spin this in a certain direction (though he just criticized Tom Mulcair in the previous post) I am still waiting for the actual evidence.


Just to be clear, in my view, all of the parties are equally supportive of 'project Ukraine' and the US installed Nazi oligarchy aka the 'Revolution of Dignity' so vigorously championed by Smith and others here, which is now utterly destroying the country. Smith is right. At no point "have any of the parties come out against the government of Kiev and in favour of the rebels." At no point has there been any concern expressed of any kind from those quarters for the sufferings of those people or the rest of Ukrainians who endure this outrageous and disgusting regime to which Canada has contributed so very much.

Which is precisely why I posted this rather important Canadian academic on the issue. He is not alone. Surprisingly, despite fervent and demonstrated support by the NDP for the Nazis in Ukraine,  the ultranationalist hawks have determined that in fact the Liberals would be the most aggressive champions of the Bandera/NATO dream of a permanent regional Russophobic attack dog. According to Liberal insiders, Trudeau has apparently promised that if elected he would see Canada unilaterally arm Ukraine. Harper would wait for Uncle Sam.

The No Difference Party - who knows?


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I thought Canada specialized in training the police to skillfully assault the citizenry, as in Haiti, or Israel (the real masters of urban warfare against a civilian population, bar none), and were less expert on general military training?

I think much of this may be of limited assistance to the Banderistan clique, and of more domestic political importance for the Harper in regime any case. Interesting about Trudeau, if true. Then again, didn't his old man send tanks into Ottawa and Quebec in 1970? 



"Important Canadian academic"?

Well I don't know about that; I doubt we are talking Northrop Frye here.

Besides, he isn't Canadian, and if you look at his bio it is pretty clear his connections and his experience are more international. Used to work for NATO, as a matter of fact. Three years ago he was in Japan. Besides, his field of expertise is Ukraine. I wonder how good his grasp of Canadian politics and the Ukrainian Canadian community really is:


But if you think he is a fervent supporter or the government in Kiev, you might want to read one of his most recent blogs:



Anyway, for Canadian Ukronazi supporters looking for more bang for their ultranationalist buck, for whatever it's worth, Dr Taras Kuzio, Senior Research Associate, Canada Institute for Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta, recommends DON"T VOTE NDP, says it's important to elect Liberal hawks Borys Wrzesnewsky & Chrystia Freeland and...

Vote For Candidates Who Pledge To Arm Ukraine" (as suggested such pledges are in fact illegal)



For those wishing to stop Canadian military support for Ukraine, there is no antiwar option among the big 3.





On Target: Tories Rack Up Challenges to Logic


While the cynical among us have long known that politicians are masters of deflection and distortion, over the past weeks the Harper Conservatives have taken things to a whole new level.

First off, it was Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the latest round of violence in Ukraine. This of course is nothing new for the Conservatives, as they have long since dumbed down the complex Ukraine crisis into Russia bad, Ukraine good.

However, this time around, it was anti-Russian, Ukrainian fascists and neo-Nazis who attacked Ukrainian security forces. During the Aug 31 riot, the right wing extremists threw grenades at police officers, killing three and wounding more than 100..."


Elections Could Bring a Change in Canada's Ukraine Policy


"A win for the New Democratic Party, which currently leads in the polls, could result in a more cautious, less bellicose policy."


Speaking of 'deflection, 'distortion' and 'dumbed down'...no indication of anything but support from the NDP thus far.

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This may, or may not be a good idea, but certainly not on a universal basis. The situation in the Ukraine is fluid and volatile. If oppression and wand/or war crimes come into play, I don't think Canada can nor should turn a blind eye.  I agree that Europe must take the lead, but Canada must stand ready to meet its NATO obligations, or at the very least, play a role in UN peacekeeping.  This is not the same situation where Bush tried to suck Chretien into a fabricated war in Iraq. Putin is testing the NATO loyalty waters and he will push the envelope until enough powerful nations say "Enough" and back their words with military deployments, movements, or regional "training" to show they are serious.


Victim Of Legal Abuse wrote:
 Putin is testing the NATO loyalty waters and he will push the envelope until enough powerful nations say "Enough" and back their words with military deployments, movements, or regional "training" to show they are serious.

But isn't that what NATO is doing....deployments, movements, regional training, etc.  And here I was feeling much safer for it, but you're implying that what is being done already isn't nearly enough?  I'm back to being scared.  Damn that Putin anyway.


Reversed my initial opinion. It looks like we're supporting neo-nazi groups. I'm all for us withdrawing with speed from the Ukraine.


Documentary: 'Mosaic of Facts' (MUST SEE!)


"Miguel Francis-Santiago began his journey into the Ukrainian Crisis with a trip to Crimea..."


Canadian Troops Begin Mission to Train Ukrainian Army and National Guard


"Over the past 18 months, the Canadian government has built on its long standing involvement in Ukraine since the demise of the Soviet Union to emerge as one of Kiev's staunchest supporters and among the most bellicose opponents of Russia.

Canada, like the US, has insisted that its Ukraine military training mission will not include neo-Nazis - a damning admission as to the true character of the militias aligned with the Ukraine government. But the ban is largely meaningless, because many members of the most notorious volunteer battalions have already been absorbed into the National Guard.

The government's Ukraine policy has the full support of the entire Canadian political establishment..."


Ukrainian Canadians and the 2015 Federal Elections


"Weapons for Ukraine is currently among the main requirements on the part of the Ukrainian Canadian community to the Canadian parties. This requirement is included in the 'Ten Questions to your Candidate: Federal Election 2015'..."


Canada's Generous Support is Making a Difference






"...on the other hand, the US-led training mission in Ukraine, which is also neither a UN-sanctioned enterprise nor being conducted under NATO's umbrella, would continue if the NDP is elected on Oct 19, Mulcair said."

Thanks Tom! Azov/ISIS thank you... (the Kurds not so much)


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[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/human-rights-groups-sound-a... International and Project Ploughshares oppose Canadian plans to supply more arms to Ukraine[/url]


The Liberal position on Russia and Ukraine could possibly  become even more aggressive and pro-Ukronazi than Harper's. Watch for the Trudeau regime to act as an American cat's paw in this. The Empire is not at all happy with Putin, especially after destroying their Takfiri toys in Syria. If Canada is seriously planning on arming Ukraine, this is not something it would have thought up all by itself. Trudeau has already demonstrated the requisite Russophobic credentials with his 'promise to tell Vladimir Putin the bully off to his face' etc. And if Babble is any indication some Canucklheads are more than up to the task of supporting him in this stupidity. See #164 New Pathway.


Mr. Magoo

The Liberal position on Russia and Ukraine could possibly  become even more aggressive and pro-Ukronazi than Harper's.

Do you have a plan for if it doesn't?


You support Canada arming Ukraine?

Mr. Magoo

I'm OK with Canada playing it safe, and not selling arms until they're sure.

But what does that have to do with my question?

If Trudeau's new government is LESS "Ukronazi" will you be happy about this?  Or a tiny bit disappointed?


Given the disaster that has been made of Ukraine and the suffering brought upon its peoples as a result of Western support for the installed oligarchy and its atrocities, and given the not inconsiderable support by Canada for this regime, I would welcome any moderation or commitment instead to peace as suggested by Amnesty and Ploughshares and as declared in the Minsk Agreements.