"The opposition has rediscovered that it has the majority"

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Stockholm wrote:

There have been some reports that this whole deal may not come to pass because apparently Ignatieff isn't crazy about the Liberals taking power this way and he may covertly scuttle it by having a number of Liberal Mps who support him not show up for the non-confidence vote.

IF that actually happens - will people ever forgive Iggy for scuttling this golden opportunity to dump Harper? I would think that a lot of Liberals would be very pissed off at him. But who knows.


I can say without a doubt in my mind that I would never vote Liberal with Iggy as leader under those circumstances.


As long as the train is clearly in motion, Iggy will not be trying to stop it, no matter how much he does not care for the turn of events.

In fact, when it becomes clear this is going to happen- if not before- I think we'll see Iggy becoming publically supportive so as not to leave Rae free to claim the 'statesman' and experienced leader role.

Nobody is going to need to kick Iggy's ass into line. Because he's sunk if his people scuttle the coalition. [Unless the derive to the coalition starts to unwind of its own accord.]


Closing for length.  I'm sure a new thread will start within moments.


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