Ottawa calls for Iranian ‘transparency’

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Ottawa calls for Iranian ‘transparency’

Last Friday, Stephan Hashem in a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (listed as an 'author' on Israel Hasbara Committee) made stinging accusations against his government for not "taking concrete actions against Iran" and "to haul Iran before the International Court of Justice and international arrest warrant be issued for those involved in his mother's (Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi who died in Iranian police custody on July 10, 2003) death". In response to the accusations, Ottawa issued a statement saying that it has demanded a "transparent and credible investigation" of those implicated in Kazemi's murder and that it remains a key issue in Canada's relations with Iran.

The official word "transparency", reminds me the movie Oh Canada!, which shows how "transparency" works in Canadian politics, corporate finance and mainstream media (see two videos below on 'transparency' in politics). The movie highlights the inflence of Canadian billionaire Paul Desmarais and Bilderberg in running Canada's various affairs.
Robert Marleau, the information commissioner, in his 2007 report had graded 17 of Harper's government institutions in respecting the freedom of information law. Apart from the Privy Council Office, it also gave failing grades to the RCMP, the Justice Department, the Health Canada and Transport Canada. An "F" is considered a "Red Alert", means that more than 20% of access to information request are declined.
It also reminds me of 'Israel-Firster' Richard Perle's (the man behind Iraqi WMD hoax and booster of Ahmed Chalabi) Op-Ed in the Washington Post in Summer 2006, in which he urged the Bush administration to shun appeasement and take an uncompromising stand toward Tehran; as with Iraq, arguing that a hard line was critical to help the population (the way Iraqis are being 'helped' since 2003) overthrow a brutal regime. Perle also gave good news to Bush for finding an Iranian Challabi by the name Amir Abbas Fakhravar, a pro-Shah Iranian student leader who escaped Iranian prison by bribing some guards. So you see - anti-Islamist 'Challabis' come in all shapes and sizes.
Interestingly, On March 20, 2003, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper repeated almost word by word the speech of Australian Prime Minister John Howard (March 18, 2003) urging their countries to join the US in attacking Iraq for its non-existent WMDs (watch video below). Now, Harper goverment is propagating similar lies about the Islamic Republic for the benefit of Israel.
PITY - While Ottawa is championing for the cause of an Iranian-Canadian citizen Zahra Kazemi - its lips are sealed on the fate of the Canadian child-prisoner at notorious Guantanamo camp, Omar Khadr, captured in July 2002 at the age of 15. Since then, Omar Khadr has been tortured, threatened with rape, dragged back and forth through mixer of urine and pine, sexually humiliated and threatened to be sent to Israel, Jordan, Egypt or Syria to be raped there.

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