Pharma Contract vs. Canadian Lives

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Pharma Contract vs. Canadian Lives

Is this article, "[URL= needs two vaccine suppliers, Ottawa admits[/URL]", suggesting that our government would rather risk the lives of Canadians than breach its contract with a pharmaceutical company? Is our government saying their ability to respond to a pandemic is constrained by contract? Perhaps we need more information or an inquiry here, but it makes me wonder.

Brian White

Yes, we have a government of free enterprise that supports a monopoly of supply for  vaccines.   Kinda stupid.   Have they only one production line in the factory?

In a normal factory, you  can produce several products at the same time.   Was there political interference in their production?  Could vaccine for pregnant women have been brought in instead of slowing production so much?

I think the reason they are so keen to vaccinate us is because there is a strong likelyhood that highly infectious but somewhat mild h1n1 will mix with extremly deadly but hard to transmit new h5n1 variants and produce a hybrid flu.   

If we are all vaccinated against one of the parents perhaps we will have some immunity to the child?

Worldwide the hard to transmit new h5n1 flu is killing! about 60% of its victims.

(But that is only a couple of hundred people)

  A hybrid with easier transmission, even with much lower mortality rates,  could devastate the world.



But we had a link in another thread where a health care expert says this scenario is unlikely.


The vaccine shortage reminds me of a marketing ploy, where artificial shortages are used to promote a product.   Remember Cabage Patch Dolls? or Tickle Me Elmo? 

It seems that when there's a shortage of an item, people mentally upgrade the value they place on it.  Scarcity can create demand. 

But then, if I would suggest that Glaxo employed this technique, I'd be asking you to suspend your disbelief concerning the ethics of pharmacuetical companies.



Does anyone know if the feds are looking at [url=]Baxter[/url] to close the vaccine gap? Jeez, I don't think I'd wanna be a microbiologist about now. They're dying like flies.


H1N1 Swine Flu Hoax Falls Apart

"The great swine flu hoax of 2009 is now falling apart at the seams as one country after another unloads hundreds of millions of doses of unused swineflu vaccines. No informed person wants the injections anymore, and the entire fear-based campaign to promote the vaccines has now been exposed as outright quackery and propaganda.."

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418 Canadians have died of H1N1.  Now that it's all been revealed as a big hoax, can we assume they'll be brought back to life?


With only approximately 38% of Manitobans vaccinated they are still running the ads promoting the vaccine but I doubt that many will be lining up for it, they are also especially promoting parents getting the second shot for small children to ensure it is effective.  With those stats, it doesn't seem the fear campaign was all that effective here.

Thanks for the link No Difference.

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Snert wrote:

418 Canadians have died of H1N1.

How many die of flu in any normal year? According to Health Canada, about 4000 on average.



Lard Tunderin Jeezus wrote:

Snert wrote:

418 Canadians have died of H1N1.

How many die of flu in any normal year? According to Health Canada, about 4000 on average.

And how many die of heart disease or smoking related causes?  Industrial air pollution kills somewhere around 20,000 Canadians a year. They don't even want to study the links between industrial pollution and cancer or health hazards to humans and the environment in general. So I think they can cut the bullshit that our corporate hirelings in government are concerned with human health. Our corrupt stooges will just have to try harder when attempting to blind us with their usual soft bland rightwing pap I guess. I suppose that if very many of us were to believe their bs, we'd be more likely to vote for them. Not me though. I'm not taken in so easily.