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You are dealing in lala land musings,  uncle john, just as you were when you stated the Cons do not use public money to campaign on.

The reality is; there is Quebec in Canada, and the Cons use public money to promote themselves/campaign on, any chance they get.

Uncle John

I am sure the Cons would rather there was no public money used, as they have no problem raising it for themselves. So is it bad when the Bloc uses public money, or the NDP? Of course not. It's only bad when the Cons use it.

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No, we are talking of you making claims that they don't use public money which is in correct, just as your majority thinking.

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It's only bad when the Cons use it.

I believe the issue is the way in which the 'Cons' use it: on broadcasting blatant lies, intended to divide the country and promote prejudice and regional resentments.


In some thread- probably a polling thread- someone mentioned a "dead cat bounce".... which started a riff.

Along those lines... my daughter was given a book by a friend.

Called  Dead Cat

It's a picture book- for big [sick] kids. Not a word in it.

[doesn't need words]

By Simon Bond, copywrite 1981.



This thread is aptly named.


Ignatieff, is another Paul Martin, and is an unmitigated political disaster as leader. The Liberals, if not already, will soon be ruing the day they allowed Ignatieff's putsch to stand.

 Where's Dion when we need him?



bekayne wrote:

Left Blowing Wind wrote:

Strategic Counsel pollster said today that the honeymoon is over.

Con  34%  (+4)

Lib   33%  (-1)

NDP  15%  (-1)

In Quebec they have:

Bloc  44%

Lib    31%

Con  15%

which means NDP, Greens & "others" combine for only 10%

The Strategic Counsel's Quebec numbers look somewhat off - BQ support is too high and the NDP support is too low.  The Strategic Counsel is not a Quebec pollster though like Leger or CROP and so that may explain the odd numbers in the Quebec field.

We need to see Leger or CROP polls to get a more accurate picture of Quebec.


I wouldn't read too much "unmitigated political disaster" into this "negative Liberal trending" unless either (a) Iggy sinks to Dion levels, or (b) one were expecting the Grits to soar to consistent 40%+ levels under Iggy.


It will be interesting to see where the numbers are when the summer recess (aptly named) is over. I'm guessing the Cons will have a 3 or 4 point lead.


The Liberals and Conservatives remain in a virtual dead heat as politicians hit the road for the summer season of community barbecues, markets and fairs, a new EKOS poll suggests.

The poll, commissioned for the CBC and released Thursday, asked the following question: "If a federal election were held tomorrow, which party would you vote for?"

The responses suggest 32.2 per cent would choose Liberal, while 31.8 per cent would vote for the Conservatives.

The NDP followed with 16 per cent of overall support, while the Green party had 10.7 per cent. The Bloc Québécois had 9.3 per cent.

According to the poll, 17.6 per cent of Canadian voters are undecided.

Perhaps buoyed by the recent New Democratic Party victory in Nova Scotia's provincial election, the federal NDP seems to be on the rise in Atlantic Canada, the poll suggests



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